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Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Make Sisterlocks Retightenings Painless

So another thing I have to admit about myself is that I'm tenderheaded. My mom is heavy handed and I didn't have much of a choice growing up.

Retightenings can be annoying when you're tenderheaded. Here are some things to reduce the pain:

1. Don't schedule retightenings near your period/menstrual cycle. I learned  this when I was  getting laser hair removal. Your skin is just more sensitive that time of the month. Book away from this time if you can. Both your nerves and resistance to tenderness will be better.

2. Go with your hair very slightly damp unless your consultant already uses a spray bottle or moisturizer. The dampness helps the plastic tool more easily glide through your strands than dry hair.

3. Separate your Sisterlocks at the scalp before retightening. Pull them apart before your appointment. Trust me you'd rather do it yourself. Self-inflicted separating seems easier to bare.

4. Ask your consultant to be more gentle. My consultant is a body builder known for her speed. Sometimes its just better to ask for a small break or for her not to be so rough.

5. Take  a pain reliever. Note that I'm not saying you should  have to for every appointment, but  if  you are feeling sensitive or already have a headache, take a mild pain reliever.

Please chime in! Thoughts?


No name said...

Thanks for the information regarding closeness to your cycle. I am very tender headed too. I usually take a pain releaver before my appointment.

Nice'n'Nappy said...

These are great suggestions! I'll be taken the retight class soon and this is sure to help me... Thanks

Lady Butterfly said...

EXCELLENT Information!!! It just hurts more times than others. I believe this is a great reason as to why. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Make sure the parts are clean with no stray hairs, and try leaving the last pass in the rotation undone. I beleive tight locs led to broken hair, follicle damage and ultimately thinning at the scalp.

Free Cell Phones said...

Hello: I have had sisterlocck for about 5 years. I have a few that I joined because I was afraid they were too thin. Not that they have matured, I see I panicked for nothing. Is it possible to separate a joined lock? They only way I can see is to grow out the locks you want to separate about an inch. Then cut the new growth from the mature lock an re-tighten the old lock and the new lock separately. The only problem I can see would be the mature lock would be attached with less hair and look a little weird. What are your thoughts?

Nicki Flynn said...

Thank you for sharing such great information. I have been locked for 7 years now and my scalp has become ever so tender as my locs have grown. My hypothesis around the painfulness of my retightening is definitely horomonal. I also think that it has something to do with the length of my hair and my hair follicles but I am further researching this. I will let you know my findings. Take care.