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Monday, August 5, 2013

Sisterlocks Shower Cap

I haven't used a shower cap since college.  I ordered one just in case I care enough one day  I style it to keep it from getting wet.

If you're interested, order Here
I chose the XL. I am impressed already though I haven't used it yet.


Cheleski said...

Oh, love this pattern! I still have the one I bought for my BLs from 3 yrs ago. They are and extremely durable!

Kreyola said...

Look cute!! I know when my locks are longer, I have to look into that. What style do you do wear when you shower? I wear a shower cap for the most part, and that is just to prevent build up in the back.

Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks Cheleski ! I like the pattern too.

Kreyola, I wear it in a bun like the one you liked on my FB page. I bought this to wear if I leave my soft spikes in for a weekend or so.

I used it for the first time today. It's awesome!