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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sisterlocks Bunching

When I first got my Sisterlocks done, I had a bunch of  Bunching.

Bunching is when your hair mattes outside of the Sisterlocks rotation in the lock. It usually happens on loose ends or towards the bottom of the lock.

There are some things you can do to prevent & avoid bunching:
1. Make sure your consultant locks down as far as he or she can to the end of your lock during your initial install.

2. Use the right products. Try to avoid sulfates in your shampoo. In my honest opinion, it makes curly hair frizzier. Creamy products and anything with a silkening, detangling or creamy effect will cause your loose hair to fizz which will cause both slippage and bunching.

3. In the beginning, wash your hair ONLY when necessary which is probably much less than you think. 

4. In the beginning, braid and band every time you wash.

5. Get regular retightenings at least every 5-6 weeks especially if your locks have not matured. Your consultant can better monitor bunching and slipping if you go regularly especially until your locks mature.

If you already have bunching, here is my video on some things I did that GREATLY improved the bunched Sisterlocks.


Chi said...

Thank you SO much. I am a Sisterlocks Consultant Trainee and about to do my first grooming to fix "bunching". I instinctively pulled the lock like you did in your video . . .but the cranking piece will really help me and I will share the technique with my client, so she can stay on top of this herself, and have to pay anyone. I looked at several videos, but yours was the most helpful . . . wish me luck!! Thanks.

Naturally Sophia said...

You're welcome! Thanks for posting. :-)