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Monday, July 8, 2013

Soft Spikes on Sisterlocks

Lately, I have been feeling more experimental with styling my Sisterlocks. I plan to try many different types of rollers and post about the results.

My go to staple for Sisterlocks curls are Soft Spikes. I have used them since around the first year and they always produce nice curls. Plus they are soft. I go to sleep on them with no problems.

I ALSO SELL SOFT SPIKES. Right now I am selling 1 pack of 30 long rollers with end papers to wrap those loose ends that may not be sealed in the lock for just $15 with FREE SHIPPING on my site:

Here's a brief  description of how I used them.

1. Start with damp clean hair. I added Jane Carter's Wrap & Roll.
2.Take the ends of a small section of locks. Place the ends of your hair in the end papers. Make a rectangle (ish) shape with the papers.

3. Roll your hair starting at the straight end of the roller like a spiral or candy cane around the spike.
4. Take the spike's end through the hole at the top of the roller, and push the spike until the curl is taut. It will look kinda like a pin curl.
5. Repeat. I repeated this about 45 times. You may need fewer or more depending on the size of the curl you want.
6. When fully dry, remove the roller by sliding it out of the curl.
7. Remove the end papers from your hair.

Now, these usually last me about a week. I do not cover my hair at night nor do I curl it again with anything in the morning nor sleep with the rollers in until the next time.



Mary Simone said...

Very nice. I like the curls you get with the length you have. So many people say it's harder to get curls as your locs get longer. Awesome special you are having. How long will it last?

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Mary Simone. I plan to let it last until I have sold out. You can purchase them here:

Kreyola said...

So you don't separate them? You just leave them like that. With your length, they look gorgeous.

Naturally Sophia said...

I never separated them getting roller sets growing up because I wanted the curls to last as long as possible. I guess old habits die hard. LOL & Thank you!

Carla Batiste said...

I need that size curlers. My hair has outgrown the size that's smaller than those! I love them!

Carla Batiste said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naturally Sophia said...

@Carla Batiste I'm selling them with free shipping if you're interested.