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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Reattach Sisterlocks

My first video ever! This is how I reattach Sisterlocks that have broken off, was pulled off, or cut off.

Let me know your thoughts?


Nails Beautiqued said...

Thanks for sharing. October will be 6 years for me. I'm thinking about cutting mine off. I can no longer afford to get them re-righten. Now I'm re-tightening them myself. Phew it's a lot of work.

Naturally Sophia said...

Wow! I can't imagine. Do you do them all at once or a few at a time?

I wish there were retightening circles where people could do each others or barter for retightenings.

Sophia said...

This video is right on time! THANKS. I will be sharing this, and a sisterlock barter system sounds awesome and derserves further thought so we can implement in our respective locations!!!!

Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks Sophia! That sounds weird saying this because it's my name too. Is it just me? I have meet about 40 Sophias in the past year and not that many in all the years prior.

I will be posting more videos soon and building a better blog. Thanks for your support!