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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hair Mask & Protein Pack on Sisterlocks

My Sisterlocks had been feeling extra dry and wiry. I dyed them twice this year both times using bleach. They typically feel dry but I could tell that it might not be a bad idea to condition them.

Now I donated all my rinse out & deep conditioners once I started Sisterlocks years ago along with my combs and brushes. So, I needed to buy one again. I also did not want to spend much money on it, especially not knowing how the outcome would be.

So, I went to the "natural" section at Target. I settled on a trial size of this product

and also purchased 2 of these (below):

I left the trial pact of the Olive Oil Masque and the Palmer's Coconut Deep Conditioning Protein Pack on for 4-6 hours with a plastic bag on my head. The instructions say 10-20 minutes but I fell asleep on my couch LOL!

I think the result was good. It definitely felt better than before while applying, after washing out, and even 2 weeks later. So I applied it again to clean, damp hair focusing on the tips and working near but not on the scalp just like I did 2 weeks ago.

Here's a pic the day of the last rinse out.

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