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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What are Sisterlocks?

1. What kind of braids are those?

A: They are not braids but rather very small dreadlocks called Sisterlocks introduced by Dr. Joanne Cornwell.

2. Is that all your hair?

A: Yes. Sisterlocks are designed to be worn with your natural hair only. Some people use extension methods to add hair to their locks but I am not one of them.

3. Can you take them out?

A: Yes. It is possible but involves a very manual process.

4. Will your hair be as long if you take them out?

A: No. All locks involve a fair amount of shedded hair in each lock. Once the lock is removed so is the shedded hair.

5. Does your hair grow faster now?

A: Maybe. Sisterlocks in itself does not make your hair grow out of your head faster. But I have since started a healthier lifestyle which may aid in the growth. In general, it grows the same rate it did before I started Sisterlocks.

6. How much did it cost?

A: A better question is how much will it cost you. Installs typically start at $500 depending on the length of the hair. I also pay to get my hair maintained (call retightening) every other month. This usually costs between $100 - $150.

7. Sisterlocks costs too much. How can I get them cheaper?

A: You can allow a trainee to do your hair for cheaper. You can fly to an area that has a cheaper cost of living to save on costs if they are really expensive in your area. You can take the class and learn to do them yourself. DO NOT EVER GO TO SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT BEEN CERTIFIED TO DO SISTERLOCKS TO INSTALL OR MAINTAIN YOUR SISTERLOCKS.

8. Ok. How do I find out if a person knows how to do them?

A: Look for a consultant or trainee on; then do your research. Get recommendations and chat with different consultants before you commit to one.

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