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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best Sisterlocks Advice Ever

Hey Sisterlocks Ladies!

I started blogging again in part because I saw much misinformation on Sisterlock forums and did not see my particular viewpoint being represented.

I am often still inboxed on Facebook via email and pulled aside at natural hair shows to have conversations with women that are dissatisfied with their hair. Many times, they say they are dissatisfied but only in comparison to someone else's hair.

"I want my Sisterlocks to look exactly like yours."
Not possible! We were all created with different DNA.

"My consultant didn't make mine as small as your Sisterlocks."
Consultants generally do the size they were taught to do based on the Sisterlocks grid and texture/volume of YOUR hair after discussing your wants. They try to meet your wants against their training and experience.

" Our texture is similar. My hair will look like yours in 5 years".
Your hair will always look like your hair. My hair will always look like my hair. It's real hair not weave.

Never ever compare your locks to others (not the texture, length, color, number of years or locks, not the density). When you stop doing this it becomes easier to be happy with the hair that matters most, your own.

So when you learn to accept what you have, then you can love it. Then you will stop comparing your hair to others and just maintain the best head of your own Sisterlocks that you can.

Now this advice is free. And you can apply it to any area of your life not just hair!

Be Well Sisterlockers!


Breanna Pinckney said...

I love this !! I am going to screenshot this and make this my screensaver !!!

Naturally Sophia said...

Breanna! Thank you! You gave me the push to start working on tomorrow's post. I needed that.

Quietspirit said...

Wonderful advice!!! It's good to see you blogging again. Your hair looks great!

Naturally Sophia said...

Quietspirit Thank you for gracing my blog with your presence. Your hair remains incredible!