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Monday, June 10, 2013

Gray Days

I am whiny today because I have discovered my one gray hair. I plucked it out but isn't this supposed to happen later in life? Geez! I called my brother and he laughed, told me it's a non-issue, and that if I pluck them more will come.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Newest Color for Sisterlocks

Many have asked who and what product did I use to color my hair. I went from the color on the left to the one on the right.

I did it myself. I had the time, am experienced with color, and wanted a change.

Before you attempt DIY color, educate yourself and be patient. Accept that you may not get it right the first time and may damage your hair.

You'll need  color safe shampoo, something to prevent the color from bleeding onto your hairline like petroleum jelly or Vaseline, latex gloves, mixing bowls, foils or a plastic or latex cap for processing and conditioner along with ample time.

Well I used permanent colors Loreal 6.54, Clairol 6RR & 7RN, and Flame (demi permanent) by Adore now discontinued to get to this bright red color. The romantic in me did this in February the day before Valentine's Day. My ends were already bleached from dye in 2009. In order to get the saturation of color, you or someone must lighten your hair first. I used Clairol 30 weight developer with powder lightened for the back which was quite dark.

I processed the color with a plastic bag atop my head after rinsing the bleach out after about 20 minutes. I sectioned my now bleached hair and applied the color. Because I wanted lowlights in the red, I braided the 5 sections after applying various color at various times. This gave me dimension in my color. I didn't apply the color near my scalp either. I took my 8 or so braids and placed them in a white/clear plastic bag atop my head for about 1 hour.


I ended up with a pink bathtub for awhile and an ugly wall stain.

But I also ended up with this beautiful color...

that I promptly got bored with! In May, I decided I wanted to be strawberry blonde. So since I already achieved the strawberry in February, I went straight for the blonde. Voila! I used the same technique with these box kits from Clairol Textures and Tones that I bought at Taliah Waajid's Spring 2013 World Hair Show at a steal.  I used 4 boxes. One of 6G and 3 of 7G Lightest Blond/ Champagne which came with a bleach powder lightened booster kit. I am careful not to dye near my scalp. I like the ombré look with my dark roots and don't want the dye to process on my skin.

I have since deep conditioned my hair and don't plan to bleach or go any lighter for the next few years and certainly not anytime soon without a professional colorist.