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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Are the Men?

Hey Natural Hair Enthusiasts!

My blog is about to be officially post heavy for awhile, the ink is flowing (yeah I'm old school because I like to write my thoughts down first and create lists).

So, getting on with the typing,

I am wondering why there are not more men Sisterlocks Consultants. In my loose hair life, I had a male braider and a male hairstylist for heat styles. Is this a novelty of Atlanta, GA?

Photo of Calla Johnson (SL Consultant) and her beautiful client at 08 Hair Show

Male hairstylists always seemed to make my hair look better, grow more, and with less of a fuss to get in their chair (usually).

Don't get me wrong, I love my consultant. I would not trade her super fast retightenings for anyone in the world. If you are local and like quick retightenings and don't need a salon environment, I'd say check her out (Julia Stewart-Stackhaus).

Anyway, wouldn't it be nice to have some male consultants as an option?


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

That's a good question, where are the men? I have seen a male Sisterlock Trainee on the Trainee list down here, but never heard of him.

I honestly think I would feel uncomfortable with a man doing my hair, just because I'm so use to women.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hey V- I'm glad some body feels me. I think my hair could turn into one big knot with a man because locks or so small. But the first man to do them would be so popular, everyone would know him. That much is true.

Gigglz said...

It seems that male's haven't really entered the world of natural hair. Maybe down in the "A" since most are arleady know! LOL!

I would let one do my hair, once I saw his work, however men in general are not detail oriented which is something that is needed when retightening SL's.

Melinda said...

ok, the men down here in the "A" like straight hair, do straight hair and the ones that don't are definately not, straight, which is fine but that's the deal.

Naturally Sophia said...

Gigglz- long time, no hear! For sure I would once I saw his work


*Coop* said...

The client is Calla's daughter. :-)

I've never had a guy do my hair. I don't think I'd like it. I enjoy the chatter and soft hands of a women (though some are rough-handed) in my head. Getting my hair done is "girl time" so I'm ok with the lack of men in the field.

Naturally Sophia said...

Coop- Yeah I know she's Calla's daughter. I wanted to be vague because I did not want her to be upset about labeling her child on the web. Too late now :)
They look just alike anyway.

I know what you mean about the chatter. Sometimes though I wish I could get my hair done in silence and read a book.

Lovin Natural said...

I personally would not want a male doing my hair. I love the brothers but I don't want to have a man in my head for such a long period of time. LOL! Anywho, I think some things are just better done by women and honestly a man that took that much time doing a womans, or another mans hair for that matter, is probably gay. Too much sugar will make you sick. LOL! Only in moderation.

Cadarious said...

I dont think a dude will call himself a sisterlock consultant, maybe brotherlock consultant, brotherlocks are part of the whole trademark thing. I got brotherlocks but i wouldnt do hair. maybe my own