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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Martine's Sisterlocks Part Deux!

Marvelous Martine has a brand new set of Sisterlocks. She visited last month, and I was able to catch up with her and of course you know I wouldn't miss the opportunity to let you all know about the new SLs. To read about Martine's previous hair journeys start here.

She had them installed last November and says she has a better appreciation for Sisterlocks after being a loose natural. I was kind of surprised to hear her say this so I asked her why; and she named the ease, freedom, and styling versatility. She went on to say that continually styling loose natural hair with the array of products and maintenance makes her appreciate Sisterlocks more, saying it's even better the 2nd time around.This is Martine Bernard and extraordinary stylist Nijiyyah who mentored her while becoming a Sisterlock Consultant.

She also said that her experience of having loose natural hair makes her more empathetic to the challenges and fears of locking. She said now when she sees weaves, wigs, and extension braids and twists she understands the convenience and ease in a way she didn't see before her year of being a loose natural. Last summer, she had her hair twisted with extensions, stating how happy she was at the ease it allowed her while she visited Paris.

I asked Martine how she was emotionally regarding getting her second set of Sisterlocks installed. She cried she said. Again, I was not expecting this response. So I asked her why in the world she'd cry when she loved her first set so. She was just coming to closure with the loss of her first set, and then she was fine.

I asked her then about why she did not reattach her first set of locks to this set since she seemed to really miss them? And she told me in her own Zen way that what's done is done. She doesn't believe in changing or adding to her own locks once they are locked. I found this really beautiful; there is always something appealing to me about people that can accept themselves, their hair, and/or their body the way it is.

She now has smaller Sisterlocks about 450-500 when before she had about 350-375. She retightens them herself. Can you believe she didn't count either set. She just kind of said, she's happy it's not important the exact number. This made me feel a tad bit neurotic considering how much I obsessed over the number and size before I locked. I told her I felt her texture looked different. She said she never new how soft and different her texture was before she locked and had a loose natural because before her hair was so processed.

She also hasn't waited for length to start styling, coloring and accessorizing her locks.

C'est tres jolie! What an inspiration!? I greatly thank her for sharing her locking journey with me. It seems locks are truly a journey for her and not just a means to an end, not just a destination. I look forward to hearing the next steps. She would like to thank everyone for the acceptance, love and support they gave her through kind words, calls, e-mails and comments.


new2locs said...

You probably won't believe this but I was just wondering the other night if we would get an update about Ms. Martine & her journey. She looks beautiful as always, way to go Ms. Martine!

robinc said...

I have been thinking about her for some reason, wondering when/if she decided to start her second lock journey. Her locks look lovely! Thank you for sharing this.


anthia-ofo said...

Thanks for sharing. I always wondered if she started another set. They are really beautiful.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Very lovely.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

WOW! I was kind of disappointed when she cut her SLs off. Her first set was beautiful! I`am sure her second will be as beautiful as the first!

V said...

Just beautiful!

Lock University said...

Keep doing your thang. The room is far from empty.