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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Atlanta Natural Hair Show 2010

Where have I been blog, bloggers, blog fam? I have been feeling; not writing or thinking but feeling and working on some of my goals. :)

I missed you all and have decided to write again about the things I've wanted to share but have been too busy living to share.

First of all, I would like to share photos from the Atlanta Natural Hair Show 2010 by Taliah Waajid.

I was a vendor there this year also. You know I have to find a way to sell the 300 hair ties I have. LOL! I found more people selling them this year; but the quality was way lower than last year in my honest opinion. Needless to say, I had a blast!
It was fun, and I left feeling inspired.

Here I am with a couple of friends:

(from left Onyx Cherry Sisterlocked 3 years, moi, and B traditional locks for 5 years)

And here I am with the woman that installed my full mane of Sisterlocks. None other than the dynamic Jacqueline of! She was well worth the trip I made to Boston to have my locks installed nearly 3 years ago! Time flies. She is knowledgeable, consistent and a perfectionist no less. She is really amazing.

And the styles and models were amazingly, creatively styled. Here are just some teasers. ;p WOW! Look at the slide show for more highlights.

Just look at the artistry!

And Sisterlocks definitely represented. Here is consultant Roni with her entry style and client into the natural hair show:

This is the first Sisterlock Stylist of the Year Calla Johnson, who is infamous in Atlanta with her daughter (4 year old Sisterlocks). Just beautiful!

I can't forget my own current consultant Julia Stewart-Stackhaus who is fabu in her own right. And yes she was particularly talkative that weekend. LOL!