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Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Update: Sisterlocks Growth

These photos were taken January 5th 2009, last year after cut and color, done by myself in the bathroom sink.

I cut my hair last year on January 4th into a chin length asymmetric bob and I coloured it blond in the front and chocolate in the back.

Who says you can't do anything with natural hair or locks? LOL!
Anywho, it had been ions since I updated my blog or my hair. It was starting to look brassy, and I was concerned about how my hair was growing out uneven, the way I cut it. I did not think of it growing out when I cut it. I was just focused on the style at the time.

So I started letting my mind run wild with ideas on how to correct the asymmetry. I thought to cut it at first. But then I said, "Nah, I want to grow it out". So then I said to myself in a tiny little sinister voice: "extensions. Yes!" You know the way Smeagol says "the precious" in Lord of the Rings. I asked H.D. how he felt about my hair's unevenness. He said I was crazy, and that my hair was perfect. He's so sweet and honest ;p sometimes. I started to think he was right...

These photos are 13 months later, from 02/05/2010 this year.

I consulted a three way mirror at the local Target near my job. H.D. was right; my hair was perfect. Not in a veneered way, each lock is a series of imperfections. They have knots, an array of curl patterns, and now colours too. But they are right as they are.

And then I thought I'd forgotten why I got locks in the first place. Aside from the other practical reasons, I got Sisterlocks as an experiment to prove that hair not chemically or heat treated is beautiful, that natural curly/coily hair is beautiful without the additive of human or synthetic hair.
So, here is my hair, again, as of 13 months after the above cut: 02/04/2010. You can see the length and the color difference. I did not keep up with the color. I measured about 3-6 inches of Sisterlocks growth judging from the color difference. For anyone concerned about growth or who may have contemplated a cut but was afraid of whether/how it would grow back, here is proof.

The next update will be color because this 2 tone brassiness has gotta go. LOL! Stay tuned!


NaTruly Me said...

Love your growth story. I cannot wait to start posting my own pictures and helping others like myself make the decision to free themselves and live naturally. Thank you for your encouragement.

A Sista Who Locked said...

Wow...Look at all of that hair!! Goodness!

Khandi said...

Wow, that is some serious growth there. Looking good.
What colour will you go for?

Brown ButtahFly said...

Definitely proof, that your hair will grow back once its cut. Your locks have grown so much! I still like the color, but I'm sure that it looks different in person. Because my locks still look brighter on camera than they actually do in person. Can't wait to see what you decide next.

Take Care

NappTown said...

Can't wait to see your color. I live vicariously. LOL, I still have not conjured up enough courage to get color or cut my hair in a style. But I can feel it coming. I agree your hair is just fine the way it is. It's lovely, no extensions necessary.

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all for your kind words especially Julia. :)