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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tis the Season! For Rollers?

You would think something as innocent as a "white elephant" gift exchange would go seamlessly and have nothing to do with hair at all. For those who don't know, the point of a white elephant exchange is to have fun. You can snag someone else's gift rather than selecting randomly from a table of gifts. In our work gift exchange, there was a $10 maximum.

Back to the story, so after watching toiletries, candles, stuffed animals, and the ever popular Snuggie being exchanged, it was my turn to pick.

Guess what I got?

A chia pet? No

The clapper? No

I got ...some rollers, hard plastic rollers that were tiny.

I was appalled. I know it was a joke, but I might as well have selected a brush and comb set. ;p

Because my gift was voted as among the most horrid, I was allowed to swap. This is what I got:

I am happy with the exchange!


Bajan Lily said...

Lol, plastic rollers :) At least you put a smile on my face today heheheh.
Happy new year!

Brown ButtahFly said...

The look on your face was funny, glad that you were able to switch your gift.

Happy New Years!

knotsnlocks said...

That was entertaining! Your hair has grown sooo much since I last saw you in person. Are you still attending sisterlock gatherings? Has Dr. Cornwell come back since that visit in March 07?

Naturally Sophia said...

Hello Knotsnlocks. YOur hair has too. Yes I am the co something or other of the Meet-Up now and that means I don't miss the meetings. She has come back and will be back in a month if you'd like to attend. The first time I saw your hair I think it was at least a foot shorter too!

Goodnapps said...

Greetings Ms. Lady. Hope all is well with you.

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