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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Must See: Good Hair

So many things to write and post about, so little time.

Let me start this post with "Good Hair". I saw the premiere in Atlanta first with my 2 locked gal pals and then again with the Atlanta Sisterlocks Meet-Up.

At the premiere, Nia Long and Chris Rock, Jason Griggers and Derek J (who you might have seen on Desperate Housewives of Atlanta) were there. Sorry about the quality of the photo. I had one of Chris Rock and Nia but it looks completely dark. I forgot my camera. Ahh! Such is life.

At the meet-up, I met blogger Meikmeka for the first time in person. She is a gem and Amba was there looking fab too.

Look at Meikmeka 's growth. Do you remember when she was concerned about placing her hair in a ponytail? My how time flies!

I want you to go see this movie. Here are a couple of things I learned from watching the film.

I learned that relaxer, sodium hydroxide, can dissolve a soda can and breaks down the protein bonds in your hair damaging follicles permanently.

I also found out that there is a black market for Indian weave hair where girls are asleep or watching a movie get their ponytails chopped off.

I also watched Chris Rock interview with Oprah regarding "Good Hair". Please go to and watch the episode or go to this link to see highlights from that episode in the link below. One of my favorites includes Solange 's interview with Oprah.