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Monday, August 3, 2009

See It: Medicine for Melancholy

I went to the Atlanta premiere of this movie. There isn't a reason why any 20 something, African American who has ever defied any racial stereotype would not both like and get this movie. I even think all others would appreciate it. My mom did.

The protagonist in the film is both interesting and charming. As you follow him and her through their day, you see many aspects that affect people of color as they live. This movie particularly addresses both race and class in a kind of non-preachy, matter of fact way through the main character's (Micah) perspective.

The female lead has an effortless way of being in the film. As the character continues to unfold, you see her depth and way of being in a clear unconviluded kind of point of view.

This movie is significant for me because it is a movie written and directed by a Black man who's female representation doesn't conjure men in women's gear fufilling some stereotype or another. It is also significant because it ties together the role of race in this "post modern" era with 2 young black people that don't necessarily identify with things perhaps society associates with Black culture.

Kudos to Barry Jenkins and company for making such a cool film with Wyatt Cenac (Micah, male lead) and Tracey Heggins (Jo, female lead).

Director Barry Jenkins and Rob Fields, who is a fellow blogger, hosted a dialogue after the movie about the film and the definition of being Black at this time in America. Farai Chideya gave a much needed feminine point of view to the discussion.

I would like Black female representation in films and on T.V. I mean sure a Black woman wrote Grey's Anatomy and Cheryl Dunye and Neema Barnette are both good African American filmakers among others. But I just feel our point of view, especially that of a Generation Y or Millenial Black woman is being overlooked. Maybe I will just be the change in the world I want to see and write my own film? Hmmm...

This movie will leave you thinking.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I'll have to check this out. Thanks for the recommendation!

ayankha said...

This movie is the reason why I got Netflix, only to discover that they didn't really have it. It's been saved in my queue for several months. Please let me know if you find out about any showings in the DC area.

Great post! It's made me more eager to see it.