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Monday, August 10, 2009

Retightening Rituals

What I've noticed in the past year or so is that retightenings vary among consultants and DIYers greatly.

I want to get your feedback on a few things.

First, does your SL Consultant (or you for DIYers) mist your hair or retighten your hair damp? Or does she insist on it being dry?

Second, does your consultant (or you for DIYers) groom as she goes? By groom, I mean cut loose hair and pick lint out. Or is that a second appointment?

Speaking of cutting, do you or your consultant cut in between your locks at the scalp where the part is? Or do you pull or pop the locks apart? Any advantages or disadvantages either way?

If you DIY, do you take the day by day approach or do you finish at one time?

When you have a lot of new growth in between parts do you combine it into a nearby lock or do you make a new lock?

How often do you get a retightening?

I look forward to everyone weighing in on this one!!! :)


Happiest Nappy said...

My SLC wants the hair dry. She does not groom, but I do. I hate the lint! She "snips", I don't like it either...but it has to be done. I can easily do it myself, I want to keep her in business though. I can not comfortabley go past 6 weeks without a retightening.

Good questions!

Gigglz said...

Well I'm a newbie at DIY and I'm somewhat a newbie with SL's. About 6 months I've had them. For my consultants, I've had two they both wanted dry hair. I always made sure to seperate my hair so I didn't have a need for snipping in between, but now that I have started retightening myself because I'm a newbie its going to be over the course of a few days and I have been poppin the hair.

Saabira said...

I am a DIY and I always do my hair dry. As far as how often I tighten as I see fit. I usually would tighten every 4 weeks but just recently I tighten after 3 weeks and was able to make full rotations without it being painful. In fact on some locks I was able to make two rotations. I start on a Friday and I’m done by Sunday afternoon. I don’t rush I just take my time and do it one lock at a time. I think if I had a day without kids, cooking, or work I would be able to do it in one sitting.

sunsail said...

My consultant: Dry.
Me: dry.

Grooming? My consultant: Yes, she grooms as she goes. She'll braid the loose hairs back into the lock, pick out lint, braid the ends if they're unraveling, and pull of balls that may be on the end. Me: Nope.

Cutting? My consultant: had this anooying haibt of popping my locks apart. OUCH!! In the beginning there was a lot of bunching. I finally bought her a pair of foldable scissors. She got the hint. Me: Nope, I won't cut, but I'll pop if it's just a couple strands of hair.

DIY? Yes. I try to finish my head in one week. I usually do one section per night.

New growth? Um, dunno. I leave that up to my consultant.

Frequency? My consultant and I are on a six week schedule.

Nubian1 said...

I dry retight every last weekend of the month, however recently i have started spraying a light mist when am doing the crown area. (gets soooo tender)

I started 3 new locks from the front edge just yesterday....(thanks to Henna rituals once a month also). When hair grows inbetween, i latch on to the nearest lock and secure with invisible thread to keep it from slipping.

Sometimes I pop and sometimes i get the scissors out if i get no joy from lock latching together.

Oh yes i do hate to let DIYs go on for too long so i start say on a Friday night and continue on the Saturday till am done. I hate to hang about.

~Francesca~ said...

My SLC mists my locks. I like the mist as I feel it is a lot easier for my locks to be re-tighten as I still have some bunching on my ends. She uses scissors, grooming she does as needed while she’s already in my head. (I do or try to stay on top of that myself) & we are on a 6 week schedule.

Quietspirit said...

My consultant always did my hair dry. She would cut and not pop in between locks with stray hairs. Grooming was always an separate session with her. We were on a 4-5 week schedule. Anything beyond 5 weeks just made the sessions too long.

DIY -- Usually dry. I'm no sure how long between sessions. A bit of snipping and popping.

I find that separating locks after washing is a must for me. But even so there is still the need to do more separating when retightening. My hair tends to creep out of the lock at the root.

msfullroller said...

I started out retightening my locs while damp but I've found that my scalp was sore due to the extreme shrinkage I have so I make sure my hair has been moisturized and just about to the point of being dry. I did a vlog post on my blog about this very thing.

Grooming is done unintentionally while sitting at the computer. lol But the only loose hairs I groom are the loose split/bubble ends at the ends that don't seen to want to go in the loc. Picking any lint out is done as I see it. Since I'm so in love with my locs, any available mirror is pressed into service right then and there. lol

I never cut at the scalp. I'll spritz the root and gently pull them apart. If they don't come apart and I have to cut, that's usually the result of picking some of the hairs of the adjacent loc while retightening. To me you increase the chances of cutting into the loc by cutting at the scalp. I wait until it has grown out some where I can get my finger under the hair where I can see it clearly then snip in the middle. So far, so good.

Oh lord, since day 1 I don't have the patience to do it all in one sitting so I spread it out over 4-5 days. I just finished the last retightening in 4 days.

So far I have not had enough newgrowth in between to start a new lock so I've just been combining it into a nearby lock.

My retightening schedule is every 4 weeks. I tried 6-8 weeks but it was taking too long at 7-8 days.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

wet or dry? Wet, she shampoo's, conditions & or deep conditions if needed.

Grooms: no, but on occasions she will pick out a lint or hair follicle or two.

Pop or cut: she pops for the most part & for the ones that are beyond popping she cuts, I prefer cut because it doesnt hurt as bad

Schedule: I go every 6 weeks and she will style you out if you ask her to.

anthia-ofo said...

I reTi on dry hair b'cos when it's damp it shrinks and becomes too tight to the scalp.
I never groom and I don't expect I ever will. I like the rough look with more volume.
I pop ONLY! verrry gently, making sure I get the stray hairs back to the loc where they belong.(the hairs start somewhere and ends somewhere and you have to figure it out lol)I used to cut back in my bradelocz days and I cut a loc once. Cutting can weaken a loc.
I DIY over 3-4 days, cos I have a husband and 5 kids so doing it in one go isn't practical. That's one reason I miss my consultant.
I combine to the nearest loc, unless there's a lot then I'll start a new loc.
I reTi every 6-7 weeks, sometimes a bit longer. My hair seems to be growing faster(since I've been on this natural progesterone cream) so I'll have to shorten the time between retights.

Cashana said...

I am a DIYer. I retighten with dry hair. Grooming - this will be done by my consultant soon. I ain't even trying to do that. My consultant cut, but i pop and cut just depends. I finish my head over a 2 or 3 day period for about 5 hours at a time. I have gotten faster so 2 is the usual. I retighten on a 4 week schedule. My hair will have growth spurts and I can't handle it when I wait longer than that. My consultant didn't like when I waited longer than 6 weeks. Sorry so late, been so busy.

Rashida Chinue Blake said...

I wait until my locks are dry, because I find they are difficult to deal with when wet, and more prone to unraveling. I retighten every 2 weeks, if I don't, I have problems with unraveling; this was the biggest difference for me when I stopped going to my consultant, because when I was going to her I would do so every four weeks. I don't believe in trimming frizz or cutting or plucking out buds. I make sure I sleep on lint free sheets and get rid of stray lint after towel drying my hair. My former consultant cut my hair before installing my locks, but that was about it. In terms of loose hair or a weakened root,I will combine or create a separate lock if I feel it is strong enough to stand on it's own. I tighten in one day, even though I keep starting and stopping to do other stuff. That's me. :)

Nacole said...

I too am I Sisterlocked chick trying to find a way to DIY retightening but I can't seem to find any videos or outlets online to explain. I bought a NappyTool but I can't find anything online about DIY retightening, suggestions?


Naturally Sophia said...

Nacole- Go to Kalia Dewdrop's site. She does video tutorials and such! Also, your consultant might show you what to do or have a recommendation.