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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Evelyn's Inspirational Interview

I am pleased to offer you an interview from a sister blogger and friend. She is a raw food enthusiast, avid blogger, and naturul hair connoisure. Naturally Sophia welcomes Evelyn of Evelyn's Raw Food Journey .

I asked her to allow me to have a natural hair interview with her and she was gracious enough to reply thoughtfully and provide an amazing interview. Kudos to her!

Recently she did the big chop. Having seen her gorgeous locks in person I was admittedly surprised and couldn't help inquire.

Right to Left: Evelyn, Yours Truly, & Former Blogger Onyx Cherry

She responded:

I was making changes and those changes included cutting off my locks. I loved the look of my locks, but deep down inside, I was not happy with my locks.
Cutting off my locks gave me a sense of release. I released old hurts, pains, and disappointments in my life and my hair was a part of that release. I am on a journey to becoming a healthier person and I had to start fresh with a clean mind, body and spirit and my hair was part of that. I believe that my hair is part of my spirit and when my spirit needed to a new beginning, I had to listen and make the necessary changes.

It wasn't easy parting with my locks, but once they were gone, I felt free in my spirit.

So, prior to this, what is your hair story?

Pressed hair around age 10/11

First relaxer at age 12.

Wore braid extensions 3 times. Finally stopped relaxing my hair at age 31.

Please tell me about your to and away journey from SL?
In August 2005 I got sisterlocks installed. I researched locks and the different locking techniques and settled with sisterlocks because of the texture of my hair and the versatility that sisterlocks had to offer. While sisterlocked I wore my hair mostly freestyle, but I did do spike roller sets, braid outs, twist outs, and up dos I really loved my locks at the time. It took my hair about 1 1/2- 2 years to completely lock, but I had some curly ques even when I cut them of earlier this year. I wore my sisterlocks from August 2005 to February 2009. At the time when I cut off my locks, I was making healthy lifestyle changes and releasing the past and my hair was a part of my release. I would like to share that I am a licensed cosmetologist and have had training in natural hair care and techniques. I do believe that hair texture plays a role in how one's hair reacts to any type of locking technique. I love sisterlocks, but not for my hair at this time. I was noticing a problem with my hair line receding on the right side of my head. In the same area of my head, the area in general was thin. That was the only area of my head where I was having issues. Overall, I was very pleased with my sisterlocks and enjoyed rocking them

What are your hair stats? Type, texture, pattern, size of locks previously.
I am a 4a, I think. I have very soft, cottony, airy hair type of hair texture. My curl pattern varies throughout my head, but I have spiral-coily medium lose curl pattern. My hair is also medium fine and not very thick. My lock size varied with the smaller locks being in the front and on the sides. The rest, I'd guess were medium-large.

Tell me about your first hair experiences? How did your family react and or style your hair as a child?
My first hair experiences were very pleasant experiences. I actually enjoyed my mother styling my hair. My mother never put heat to my hair, she would always style my hair using water and grease and she would always tell me that my hair was pretty. She kept my hair natural and would braid and put beads on my hair. I loved that so much. I don't remember my mother ever telling me that my hair needed to be fixed or was nappy and ugly. She gave my hair a lot of TLC. As I got older and had to live with my grandmother I had a totally different experience. I recall wearing my hair parted down the middle with cornrows or flat twists along with a bang, pony tails, etc. But my grandmother/aunt got tired of having to do my hair and started warm combing/pressing my hair, but they soon discovered that the pressing was not lasting so they had a relaxer put in my hair when I was 12 years old. I never understood why I had to get something put in my hair that burned the crap out of my head.

When did you first go natural? Why? If you returned to relaxers, why did you return to that?

I first went natural in the Fall of 2001(right after my husband popped the question...LOL). I went natural because, my hair got so mangled and tangled after taking out braid extensions, which resulted in a lot of breakage. I cut off the relaxed ends myself and rushed to Regis to have it shaped up. I quickly went back to putting chemicals in my hair. I got married in 2002 and for the wedding I was sporting a texturizer. Shortly after that, I returned to relaxing my hair. I returned to the chemicals, because I did not know how to care for my natural hair. The second time I went natural, I was more informed and had purchased natural hair books and was addicted to My last relaxer was February 2003, got braid extensions in April 2003 and did the big chop in June 2003. I had the big chop planned and had a cosmetologist do the cut. I felt so free and so fine with my twa. The second time going natural, I knew how to care for my natural hair and was very confident rocking my twa.

How did you wear your hair at different stages in your life?

As a child I wore braids, pony-tails with a bang. The two braids/flat twists. My teenage years I wore the big hair. College years, wore my hair big, bobs, curled under most of the time. At my wedding, my hair was texturized. Out of college I wore curled under, french rolls, etc. Whenever I didn't want to do anything to my hair, I would wear my hair pulled back in a scrunchie; In my early 30s I became a natural sister and haven't looked back. Natural styles I've worn; twa, 2-strand twists, twist outs, braid outs, afro-puffs, curly puff, sisterlocks.

Did you have problems with your locks? What were they?I didn't have any problems with my locks.
It just took a long time for my hair to completely lock. I don't recall having any problems with my locks, other than what I mentioned earlier about the thinning on right front-side my head.

How do friends and family react to your hair?
My family is okay with my hair and have gotten use to my hair. When I first went natural my family had some issues with my hair. My mom and dad would ask me when I was going to fix my hair. I would tell them that its already fixed. But it died down when they saw that I wasn't changing my hair anytime soon. I do recall a lady from my church commenting on my sisterlocks and I didn't appreciate it at all. She said that she did not like my hair. My locks were probably shoulder length at the, and I quickly told her that this is all my hair (she thought my I had extensions). The comment came from a person with relaxed damaged hair with no edges. My friends don't comment, they also know I'm not changing and that I'm happy with my hair.

Attitudes like natural hair are contagious. How many people have you inspired? Any stories.

A young lady that I use to work with did the big chop not long after I did the big chop. I let her read some of my natural hair books and she did the big chop shortly after, but she did not stay natural for long. :( It was great knowing that I inspired her to wear her natural hair texture.

What did you like best and least about your sisterlocks?
I liked the versatility in the styling options that I had. The only thing I liked least was re-tightening time.
Do you have plans for your hair? A new style? Color?
At this time, I am working on maintaining a head of natural hair. Growing my natural hair long is my priority at this time. I've been thinking about color, but that's it.

What would you like readers to know about your hair journey?
I like for the readers to know that the longer I stay natural the more confident and free I am. Loving all of me, just the way I am. I'm embracing the natural and experiencing the peace.


Evelyn said...

Thanks, Sophia! It was a pleasure.

msfullroller said...

Great interview! Evelyn was one of my many loc inspirations so it's great to see.

Allecia said...

Great interview and thanks for sharing Evelyn! I guess because I can't imagine myself doing it, I've always wondered what leads people to cut off their locs.

Kitty said...

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Rashida Chinue Blake said...

This is so awesome. I will be following her blog since I am a raw foodist too, you never how much you can learn. :D

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all for commenting.

Thanks Kitty- I love it! You stay royal too!