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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sisterlocks Are Worth Every Cent!!!!

I decided to blog about the expense of Sisterlocks. Many newly natural womyn have inquired regarding the cost of Sisterlocks.

Here's the deal? It is expensive at first! BUT...

You may save money and will save time in the long haul!

First, let me clarify one thing. Sisterlocks are microlocks interlocked with your very own natural hair. Many women have approached me thinking Sisterlocks are some type of weave; that's not the case. You are paying for the time, which took my consultant 33 hours, of interlocking strands of hair.

Here's what I mean, if you get your hair done at the salon now, like I used to, you spend at least $50- $100 a month. That's $600- $1200 a year. Now if you buy products, wigs, or weaves add that in;brushes and combs go here too. Once, you have that amount, add the daily time you spend styling your hair seperately. Yes, time is money!

My grand total in 2006 before I got Sisterlocks was $2500 for that year of 3 hour long hair appointments, braids, cornrows with weave, sewn-in weaves, ceramic irons, and many, many styling products.

In May 2007, I spent far less than that on my hair. I got my locks installed and received 4 retightenings that year. Out of respect for my consultants, I won't reveal the price. However, I can say that it was far less than the $2500 I spent in the prior year.

I encourage you to add your expenses on hair now when you contemplate the cost of Sisterlocks. You will get your hair retightened 8-9 times a year if you go every 6 weeks for $95-$160 depending on how much your consultant charges. If you visit a trainee, your amount will be less though your sessions may be longer. You can also retighten your hair yourself!

You will not be buying products with Sisterlocks unless you are a product junkie. In the first year, you really only need shampoo. You won't be buying hair I assume. You will save on relaxers if you are starting with relaxed hair. You will save money and time on those expensive salon trips.

And the greatest investment you can make is in YOU!

One of the greatest selling points of Sisterlocks is the time savings.

You only have to style your hair at will. You wake up with your hair "done". I used to spend an hour each day before work detangling, twisting, and combing to make my natural look halfway tamed. Just look at this style by Kalia-dewdrop. She created it without using a mirror!

You will not have to worry about detangling, washing, drying, and moisturizing your natural hair. Just look at me, it took the consultant an hour to comb and brush my hair! I spent an hour on hair each day before work.

You also won't have to be tempted to make mad dashes for errands like this:

Why you might ask? Because you will wake with your hair "done" and ready to go!

And you won't have to worry about your track showing, like this. You know she has no idea she has that going on!

I have not yet met one woman after getting Sisterlocks tell me they regretted getting them or the expense.

Sisterlock Sisters what is your take on the expense? I welcome those who may be contemplating Sisterlocks to ask questions too.



Moosiko said...

They absolutely are worth every cent. When sisters cringe at the thought of spending that kind of money on their hair, I encourgage them to add up the cost of relaxers, salon time, products, and missed fun because they didn't want their hair to (go back).

Sunshine Sisterlocks said...

Good post!
I'm definitely feeling like my investment is paying off. All this and I haven't even begun self-re-tightenings! SLs are definitely worth the cost and I won't be persuaded to think otherwise.

Dee/Joyfull Locks said...

Sisterlocks are most definitely worth every cent! A wonderful family of locticians installed my sisterlocks, however, for the most part I maintain them myself since I took the retightening class approximately one year after installation. Therefore, my locks cost me nothing more than the price of my tool (replacement for original) and whatever product I choose to use (shampoo and moisturizing treatment). It may take me a week of doing 50-75 locks a night, but it gets done and it costs me nothing. Back in the days when I paid outrageous prices for microbraids ($225.00 a pop) and creamy crack touch-ups ($60.00-100.00 a pop) with biweekly "styling" ($50.00)appointments, I would spend nearly as much in 8 weeks as I spent only on my sisterlock installation. My locks are now 59 months old and I have saved an incredible amount not only in money, but also in peace of mind as well. Oh, and I have gained a great deal of self-confidence and freedom, which is priceless.
Just remembering from whence I came,

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

As somebody who has always been used to being DIYer (Free to very little expense) there was def a noticeable lightness to my pocket. I however must say it is indeed worth every penny. I wouldn't have done anything differently, if I had the chance to backtrack.

Meikmeika said...

Another Perfect Post....