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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Natural Hair T.V. Sightings

A few weekends ago, I watched about 6 hours of TV from Friday Night to Monday morning. But this particular weekend, I watched with the purpose of finding Black womyn with natural hair who were featured in commercials or on TV for longer than 10 seconds. Out of the hundreds of people I watched on TV in that time span, I could only find these few actresses that fell into the above criteria.

Now, I grant that I did not watch TV One or BET (I don't usually). I watched local and world news, Sunday Morning on CBS, and parts of a movie, and Cold Case. Sorry I can't remember which movie but they had no Black characters in the main roles. Oh yeah I was clicking through and saw Tempest Bledsoe on Pet Stars.

I found 5 Black actresses with natural hair that were featured in TV or commercial roles.

When you watch television, do you lock stalk too? Because I am an afro aficionado, I look for those too and brown people in general.

I observed that all the Black womyn I saw were featured with White people exclusively. Interesting?! In the context that I typically see Black womyn in real life, this situation is rare. Maybe because I live in Atlanta with a high percentage of African-Americans? Maybe not! What are your thoughts? Are these "token" roles, a validation issue/stereotype or simply a coincidence?

1. Crestor- The woman has beautiful, blond curly locks.

2. Nancy Giles- Don't you just love her? She is cleaning her closet on CBS Sunday Morning. This is something I need to do.

3. E-harmony- Do you think this is a real couple or just an act?

4.Tempest Bledsoe. She was on an episode of Pet Stars on Animal Planet. I heard she married "Ron" , Dwayne Wanye's friend on a Different World.

5. Tracie Thoms from Rent, Deathproof, and Cold Case. I saw her on Cold Case. I really am a huge fan.


Ezme said...

Give thanks for the USA. In England i could watch tv 24/7 for a whole year and never see a black woman with natural hair. Ooops that's a lie there is one, i think she is french and a black guy with dreads in some type of ad but that is as far as it goes!!!

All we get to see are really, really bad weaves. We don't even have adverts aimed at black woman full stop. No Dark & Lovely, No Iman, No Black Earth Products.......Nothing!! and were meant to be living in 2009 huh!!!!

Meikmeika said...

I always natural hair stalk when watching tv...

A woman that comes to mind is S. Epatha Merkerson, she was on Terminator 2 and in the Law & Order series..
It's amazing how natural hair and/or locs makes a person look younger. She looked so old on Law & Order.

I don't think commercials are done based on truth, it's all about being politically correct. So they throw in a token minority (usually black) and call it a day. It's so amusing to watch a commercial with 4 white women and one black or Latin woman..It would be better to have one white, black, Asian, Latin, etc...but that would require actual thought...

You remember those commercials like this one?
I think EHarmony's new string of commercials is trying to make up for all who think they are discriminating against those who may want to date outside their race, date the same sex, etc... I was shocked when I saw the couple just b/c it's a rarity to see something like this in general on tv. I still think it's all fake though....

I stopped watching BET so long ago. I used to enjoy their informative shows but now it's ridiculous...not to mention the KFC, Popeye's, Koolaid, & McDonald's commercials get to be much after a while...oh but I digress....

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

I am so in love with Traci's hair from E-Harmony the color is on point and I can visualize my hair looking like her when it is mature do I belive they are dating let alone married NO!! Great post

S0uthernGirl said...

I definitely notice natural haired sisters when I'm watching tv. I've seen more in the past 6 months or so than I probably have in the last 6 years. And yes, they usually are pictured in scenes with white people, with the exception of the commercial for potty training... that one has a mother with dreads and her daughter (so cute!).

Oh, and the one where Mother Nature has dreads that are up in a bun. But her co-stars are animals, so that doesn't really count.

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Definitely starting to see a lot more people that look like us on TV in certain roles and Ads, etc., and I think it even correlates nicely with Obama's election (not NECESSARILY saying thats' the cause). :)

@Ezme WOW

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Definitely starting to see a lot more people that look like us on TV in certain roles and Ads, etc., and I think it even correlates nicely with Obama's election (not NECESSARILY saying thats' the cause). :)

@Ezme WOW

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all.

Meikmeika- excellent response. I remember the Chemistry commercials with no Black women though. And I forgot about S. Epatha Merkerson.

Southern Girl- I have mixed feelings about the Mother Nature commercial. I did not see the mom on the commercial. Glad you stopped by, long time no hear.

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.

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