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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Baltimore Natural Hair Expo

This trip was short and impromptu!

HD and I drove from ATL to Baltimore to work the expo. Although I didn't get to see the actual Baltimore or do things in the city, because (a) we were tired and (b) we were in Pikesville, an hour away from B-more. I did get a chance to run into some bloggers, some of which highlighted my store on youtube!

First, I got a chance to reconnect with Sunsail who I hadn't seen in 2 years. She and the Count were awesome to visit. It was wonderful seeing them. Sunsail , Count, H.D., Yours Truly

Sunsail wanted to see my cut, but unfortunately it's grown out. I thought I cut off all the "S" curls (joking) on the ends but I see they have unraveled. I just love our highlights. Really Cute!

I also met Msshelle75 who um hasn't updated her blog in awhile but has these beautiful 4 year old Sisterlocks. I envy the style. Whoa!

Myself and Msshelle75
I love this style. It's simple but intricate. Also, very beautiful without being overdone.
Here are pictures of some of the items I sold at the show. If you are interested, please view my latest inventory at or e-mail me.

Here is some video praise for jewelry from from ShidaNatural

and here is more from SheSingsLovely on the link below. Thanks for the love ladies!
I encourage you to watch both videos to get their perspective on the hair show as well.

I met many exceptional women. Of those, I met one woman that gave awesome advice on how to market my items and a loctician who I encouraged to take the Sisterlocks class. I am going to post their info soon.
One of the things I loved was the kids with natural hair. How freeing it was to see so many of them!

These 2 are sisters who have a Sisterlocked mom. The one on the right has new Sisterlocks and the one on the left braids her own braids and has natural hair.

And how cute is this girl's hair? I think she and her hair are just adorable! :)

Overall, it was a tiring and exhilarating trip.


Thandi said...

Seeing as we don't have such events in SA,I really appreciate your blog!Thank you.

anthia-ofo said...

Lovely pics. I'm thinking of attending the afro hair&beauty show in London.They have a section devoted to locs and natural hair workshops. Unfortunately,the rest of the show is devoted to various methods of straightening/weaving etc. BTW I've nominated you for the kreativ blogger award. I seem to think you've had it or s'thing similar already. Still, check my blog for instructions. Besides you deserve an award again.

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Awesome pics! And Sophia, your locks are looking gorgeous. I also enjoyed your outfits and accessories. Looking lovely. :)

Meikmeika said...

I'm also lovin the highlighted locs! The last pic style is gorgeous!! How old was she?

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all!

Meikmeika- I think she said she was 5. But she was very soft spoken so I may have misheard.

Brown ButtahFly said...

Such beautiful locks!

cheleski said...

oh, i must be there next year~!thnx for sharing!

souultry said...


I just wanted to let you know that your pics are very nice and interesting. Your locs are beautiful as well as your ornaments. I wished you were closed to my neck of the woods i hate buying things from the internet but they are fabulous i love them. Where do you get your ornaments from if you do not mind sharing. Please keep up the blogging and pictures. Blessings to you.

brunsli said...

Wonderful photos! What a gathering of beautiful women & beautiful hair. Thanks for sharing!

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all for sharing!

Soultry- If you are interested in making accessories, there are several sites that can show you how to do it or where to buy supplies. I have competitors, so I do not share proprietary info.

My site is 100% safe and all payments are thru paypal. I have no access to your financial info and only use your address for shipping.