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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Visit from a Beautiful Stranger

Yesterday I got a call from Amba telling me Dr. Joanne Cornwell would be in Atlanta this weekend to attend the March Sisterlocks Consultant training class. I'm also excited.

Although it's a little short notice, we are trying to get together for a Meet and Greet Reception this weekend. Please see the Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup Site for details.THE ATLANTA SISTERLOCKS (TM)MEETUP is proud to sponsor a:MEET and GREET RECEPTIONwith DR. JOANNE CORNWELL, originator of Sisterlocks(TM)ON: Saturday 28 March, 2009TIME : 6pm-9pmWHERE? : TBA
We have the pleasure to invite you to meet Dr. Joanne Cornwell who will be in Atlanta visiting the Sisterlocks Consultant Training Class.Dr Joanne Cornwell is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies and French at San Diego State University, Her revolutionary hair care management system allows those with tightly textured hair to take advantage of today's hairstyles without altering the natural texture of their hair.This event is open to Sisterlocks wearers, consultants, trainees and women who are interested in getting or simply knowing more about Sisterlocks. Come and meet and get to know Dr. Cornwell personally and see Dr Cornwell's fabulous Sisterlocks in person.

Hurry and book your places now. Limited Seating. Please RSVP to: or or call (404)4049352286 or contact me for details


Brown ButtahFly said...

Wish I could be there.

I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun.

sunsail said...

wait: whycome you've met dr c TWICE??? I'm feeling a little abandoned here in DC, lol!

Naturally Sophia said...

LOL! Sunsail! Come down to the hair show this weekend. You can crash with me if you want. You have to coem out to meet and greet the Sisterlock/Natural Hair Folk.