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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Springtime is Pedicure Time

I decided to come up for air from making my hair accessories and jewelry to get my feet done.

I haven't decided where I am going yet.

Sometimes, I go to a Black Owned spot in Atlanta. It is far from where I live and work, the people there usually act like I'm doing them or favor, gossip constantly, and charge higher prices. Why are so many Black businesses this way? It makes it hard to support the cause.

Or I usually go to a Vietnamese shop. The lady (Nancy) is nice and very entertaining that does both my feet and brows so meticulously. However, I am concerned because they do not sanitize between clients. They wash the utensils off or not, and keep it moving. Recently, I saw an article about this on the news:

This comes from not cleaning out foot spas with bleach to kill bacteria. This fungus can withstand a cleaning with hot water and soap. Me no likey! not to mention if things aren't cleaned with bleach you can get a toenail fungal infection.
I need to find a clean pedicure place without community unsanitary tools and that is also economical. This is the conundrum.

And also has anyone done the foot detox? Thoughts?My co-worker thinks it's a scam. Read about it here.

Has anyone had the Fish Pedicure? Would you let fish do this to your feet?

People swear by it, but I am very apprehensive. I guess it's the germaphobe in me surfacing. What do you think?

Have you ever had an outstanding, economical pedicure or the opposite? I would love to read about it. Also, especially if you are local, recommend your pedicure shop please.


Ayoko (my actual middle name) said...

I know that the foot bath thing is a scam, I didnt buy it but I used to use those foot pads that "detox" and I looked at the pads closely and the pad already had brown stuff in it and you just sweat when you put it on which brings out the brown stuff in the pad, which makes you think that it came from your own body, when really it was on the pad all along. So I believe with the foot bath you have to put in special crystals in order to detox

Ayoko (my actual middle name) said...

it may just be safer to do your own pedi, thats what I do when I have the time

Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks for your feedback Ayoko (still love the name)!

Whiny response (LOL!): But I love to get my feet and eyebrows done. I am the baby of my family and like to be spoiled and pampered. If I can convince or pay someone else to do something for me, I will. I am about to end my resolve now to do my own hair and beg my consultant for a retightening. LOL!

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

WOW Thanks for sharing. I am just glad that I do my own pedicures lol.

Onyxcherry said...

Eww, that pic of the breakout on the legs made my skin crawl. I'm never going to get a pedicure again.

I know a woman who got a fungal infection in her nail and after the infection cleared up her nail grows out sideways instead of straight even to this day.

euphoria said...

I am with you I love being pampered, but at the same time I don't want 2 pay an arm & a leg to get it or risk loosing my legs and toe nails to have it done. As for black business you are SOOOO right. I don't think I would like nasty fish chomping on my feet (nasty)now I am a fan of some home remedies an homeopathic cures but I don't buy the feet detox crap, & I think I've mentioned this in another post but if I did'nt I love your lock ties & I will be ordering some vey soon

Cashana said...

Ugh! And that is why I do my own pedicure. I would love to get pampered and I will get a manicure, but not pedicure. I have yet to see them sanitize between customers. I had a bad mishap from a pedicure where the person dug, yes dug, too far into my cuticle and that was a wrap for me. I do my own. I moisturize my feet after baths with creams and shea butter and every other week or so do the soaking in my own personal foot tub.