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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Spring Collection Free Give Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am releasing my spring line of Hair Ties and Jewelry today! Yay!

To kick it off, I am offering a free give away. Whoever can pick one item they like most and write back about it in the comments section may win either the Kate or Lavender& Lilac Hair Tie!

This means you can win a free hair tie and all you have to do is comment. The best response will receive the hair tie.

Remember all of the items are handmade and come with free shipping. I am adding them to my Etsy store NaturallySophia and right now!


new2locs said...

I love free stuff!! By the way congrat's on launching your jewelry & hairties! I know it's not the easiest thing to do, I've been trying to help my loctician launch her jewelry.
I'm posting my comment on your bone necklace. It's a beautiful piece it reminds me of the tropics, the beautiful white sands of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The intricate beading reminds me of the pieces that we would find walking along the shore.

Queen Nat said...

From the words of Celie in the Color Purple... "it's so many of them, what us gone do?" (LOL) The Mosaic is my favorite! The colors make it easy to coordinate with different outfits. I pray your business is blessed!

Kinky Rhonnie said...

Hi Sophia,

I love them all but my absolute favorite is the Toille. Not only is it a versatile color but it reminds me of my deceased grandmother's Blue Willow dishware from back in the day. We enjoyed many Sunday feasts in the company of Blue Willow. :-)

Congratulations and I wish you much success.

Anonymous said...

The shell is my favorite. It's bold, robust. It reminds me of far away places that I dream of. I would also love to see more pictures of the young lady's hair who modeled your hair ties. ;)

shea said...

these are absolutely lovely; didn't know you had such talents :)
i personally love the 'noir', 'azul', 'agate', 'be true' and 'woodie'. and the green and orange bracelets are hot!
i'm thrilled that you've decided to share some of your creativity with us- i look forward to trying some out soon ;)