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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Meet-Up Yet

Dr. Cornwell visits again. We had an interesting and informative meet-up. Little known info: You can go to and get info right off of the guestbook. You don't have to track bloggers down to get the info you need! Just kidding. I love it when you e-mail me, but the general info is on the Sisterlocks site.

Caption: Please believe that this photo doesn't nearly capture how beautiful her hair is.

What a wonderful time we all had! Of course, I am talking about the Atlanta Sisterlocks Meet-Up yesterday. D. Joanne Cornwell graced us with her presence. She came with a new spirit and resolve. We talked about, ironically, blogging, the future of Sisterlocks, and branding. Great discussion group!

Guess who I met for the first time in person? None other than Black Russian ! She is very sweet and has a warm spirit. Not to mention clearly a business woman!

I also caught up with Onyx Cherry .

Then, there was the lovely Amba in her dress from Ghana.

Here are some beautiful newly locked ladies. Check out Sarah's blog.

Here is Paulette, a Sisterlock consultant and expert, and her beautiful mane of She has very well-maintained, tiny Sisterlocks. She could easily have 800-900 Sisterlocks.

Below is my favorite photo from the event. They were having a conversation and I asked them to look like they still were. Excellent models! The young woman on the left is a Sisterlocks trainee and photographer. And the beautiful lady on the right is a proud member of the ATL Sisterlocks Meet-up! Yea-uh (said like Lil' John)!

Here I am in mid conversation with the Lady of Honour!


Felicia said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of you and all of the beautifully locked ladies!! It makes me proud that I was blessed to join this elite group of sisters since I was just installed on February 22-23rd. I love reading your blog!

Laquita said...

WoW from the pictures it looks like it was the best meet up :o)

sunsail said...

Thanks for the pics, sofia!

BLACKRUSSIAN: SHAME ON YOU!!! Why do i have to visit sophia's blog for pics of you?!?!? Look at how long your hair is! You MUST do a post soon, ok? :)

Wow... Look at Dr. C's hair. Oddly enough, I'm not sure that I like it. MAybe if I see it in person. It's really...long.

Sophia, do tell: what did Dr. C have to say about blogging and branding and the future of sisterlocks? I remember reading in her mag once that she was coming up with a new styling technique or something for super long hair. What ever happened with that?

Your hair is looking fab, as usual. Love the cut even more!

Naturally Sophia said...

Sunsail, I knew you were going to ask the tough questions.

She has developed a style book featuring SL consultant Calla Johnson who won stylist of the year. It's really nice and available at

She is planning to do some major things on the web for better so stay tuned. She was educated about the blogger community and the needs/wants of the blogging Sisterhood,LOL!

I miss you. I am going to Philly this year God Willing. Will you be there? You can come crash with me for the hair show this weekend if you'd like. TTYL!

Paulette said...


It was a pleasure meeting you at the Meet Up on Saturday. Thanks for the compliment. I have another blog to follow myself.


anthia-ofo said...

Very nice, very nice indeed. Style book? That'll be helpful for the likes of me. What did she say about the blogging community? Ooh, new things on the website- I'll keep checking it.

Serving Christ said...

Lovely photos and seems like everyone is having a blast!

nubianvision said...

I feel the same as Sunsail. I think w/ Dr. C's bone structure a shorter style would really highlight her beauty.

sunsail said...

Oh sofia!! I should subscribe to your comments. I would have TOTALLY gone to ATL and crashed on your couch!!

I've been to the SL site several times in the past few weeks (signing up for the retight class and whatnot), but it's so convoluted I didn't even notice that there was a new book out! I'll have to go back and look a bit harder. ;)

I'll prolly be in Philly. Gotta keep up with my friends! I'm especially looking fwd to seeing AuNaturale's hair. I will definitely try to make it up to Philly this year. Let me know if you're going.

Trust and believe, if I got the change to meet Dr. C in person, I'd ask her the hard questions, too!! :)