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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Meet-Up Yet

Dr. Cornwell visits again. We had an interesting and informative meet-up. Little known info: You can go to and get info right off of the guestbook. You don't have to track bloggers down to get the info you need! Just kidding. I love it when you e-mail me, but the general info is on the Sisterlocks site.

Caption: Please believe that this photo doesn't nearly capture how beautiful her hair is.

What a wonderful time we all had! Of course, I am talking about the Atlanta Sisterlocks Meet-Up yesterday. D. Joanne Cornwell graced us with her presence. She came with a new spirit and resolve. We talked about, ironically, blogging, the future of Sisterlocks, and branding. Great discussion group!

Guess who I met for the first time in person? None other than Black Russian ! She is very sweet and has a warm spirit. Not to mention clearly a business woman!

I also caught up with Onyx Cherry .

Then, there was the lovely Amba in her dress from Ghana.

Here are some beautiful newly locked ladies. Check out Sarah's blog.

Here is Paulette, a Sisterlock consultant and expert, and her beautiful mane of She has very well-maintained, tiny Sisterlocks. She could easily have 800-900 Sisterlocks.

Below is my favorite photo from the event. They were having a conversation and I asked them to look like they still were. Excellent models! The young woman on the left is a Sisterlocks trainee and photographer. And the beautiful lady on the right is a proud member of the ATL Sisterlocks Meet-up! Yea-uh (said like Lil' John)!

Here I am in mid conversation with the Lady of Honour!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Visit from a Beautiful Stranger

Yesterday I got a call from Amba telling me Dr. Joanne Cornwell would be in Atlanta this weekend to attend the March Sisterlocks Consultant training class. I'm also excited.

Although it's a little short notice, we are trying to get together for a Meet and Greet Reception this weekend. Please see the Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup Site for details.THE ATLANTA SISTERLOCKS (TM)MEETUP is proud to sponsor a:MEET and GREET RECEPTIONwith DR. JOANNE CORNWELL, originator of Sisterlocks(TM)ON: Saturday 28 March, 2009TIME : 6pm-9pmWHERE? : TBA
We have the pleasure to invite you to meet Dr. Joanne Cornwell who will be in Atlanta visiting the Sisterlocks Consultant Training Class.Dr Joanne Cornwell is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies and French at San Diego State University, Her revolutionary hair care management system allows those with tightly textured hair to take advantage of today's hairstyles without altering the natural texture of their hair.This event is open to Sisterlocks wearers, consultants, trainees and women who are interested in getting or simply knowing more about Sisterlocks. Come and meet and get to know Dr. Cornwell personally and see Dr Cornwell's fabulous Sisterlocks in person.

Hurry and book your places now. Limited Seating. Please RSVP to: or or call (404)4049352286 or contact me for details

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Hair Goodies

These hair ties are inspired by Bohemia, Africa and Jazz. I got super creative and am working to make them even more unique and one of a kind. I plan to be at the Natural Hair Show the first weekend in April selling them with some other accessories I made.

As always, I love feedback. What would you like to see? Which ones do you like? Find more here

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Springtime is Pedicure Time

I decided to come up for air from making my hair accessories and jewelry to get my feet done.

I haven't decided where I am going yet.

Sometimes, I go to a Black Owned spot in Atlanta. It is far from where I live and work, the people there usually act like I'm doing them or favor, gossip constantly, and charge higher prices. Why are so many Black businesses this way? It makes it hard to support the cause.

Or I usually go to a Vietnamese shop. The lady (Nancy) is nice and very entertaining that does both my feet and brows so meticulously. However, I am concerned because they do not sanitize between clients. They wash the utensils off or not, and keep it moving. Recently, I saw an article about this on the news:

This comes from not cleaning out foot spas with bleach to kill bacteria. This fungus can withstand a cleaning with hot water and soap. Me no likey! not to mention if things aren't cleaned with bleach you can get a toenail fungal infection.
I need to find a clean pedicure place without community unsanitary tools and that is also economical. This is the conundrum.

And also has anyone done the foot detox? Thoughts?My co-worker thinks it's a scam. Read about it here.

Has anyone had the Fish Pedicure? Would you let fish do this to your feet?

People swear by it, but I am very apprehensive. I guess it's the germaphobe in me surfacing. What do you think?

Have you ever had an outstanding, economical pedicure or the opposite? I would love to read about it. Also, especially if you are local, recommend your pedicure shop please.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung at

Seeing is believing! Cute, unique, one of a kind, and with FREE SHIPPING! What more could you want?

To see all the available hair adornments go here

All the jewelry is at

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Product Reviews that are Natural Hair Friendly

So, I have been so in a haze of hair ties and jewelry lately that I forgot about my other hobby, blogging, LOL!

I am overdue for some product reviews. My first review is of Jason's Natural Biotin Shampoo:
Description from the Manufacturer's Website:

No Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates
This revitalizing shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse scalp and helps to alleviate dry, itchy scalp, damaged hair and split ends. Biotin, Planthenol-3 and selected botanicals combined with 3 proteins help energize the scalp and promote natural and healthy looking hair.For Thinning, Dry, or Damaged Hair; pH 5.5; Revitalizes & Promotes Healthy Growth; Biotin & Polysorbate 60; UV Sun Protection.Bio-degradable; no animal by-products; no animal testing.

Directions from Manufacturer's Website:
Apply to wet hair. Work into a lather and massage thoroughly. Rinse and repeat.

LOL! Always "rinse and repeat". I want to mention that it is not tested on animals and is certified organic.

I love this one. I swear the best things in life are cheap if not free. I bought this shampoo fro $3.50 from Ross rather than spending a fortune at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods Market).

It is enriched with marigold, ginseng, and chamomile. I was smelling my hair for hours even with my cold. It left my scalp clean without making my hair feel extra dry or brittle. This was a good deal all the way! :)

I tried this shampoo too awhile back; it was also on sale because that's how I roll! LOL! I have to just say I love this because it is multi-functional. It is a body was as well as a shampoo. It gives a fruity herbal scent kinda like Orange tea with Agave nectar, but you definitely smell the coconut and bergamot too. It is super lathering but not organic. Now, I like it better on my skin than hair. But it worked as a shampoo. It left it clean, but that's it. It doesn't have any long lasting fragrance which is good not to interfere with your perfume; and it doesn't have any extra cleansing or moisturizers in it. So if you want just clean, this is the shampoo for you. If you are fortunate enough to travel alot, this is great because it is 2 for 1, a body and hair shampoo which is my favorite thing about this deal. Plus, I only paid $12 for the 40 ounce; it was a steal!

Info from the manufacturer:
This fast lathering, quick-rinsing shampoo is a well-balanced and nourishing formula.
Pure Basic revitalizes, adds shine and entices you with its peach, tart apple and bergamot aromatherapy
All Hair Types pH Level: 5.7-6.7
Commitment to Purity: 100% Vegan - Free of Synthetic Dyes - DEA

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winner of the Hair Tie Contest

I seriously had a hard time deciding which one was the winner. So, I put all the names in a bowl, and selected one. Kinky Rhonnie of won! I will shipping her the Toille Hair Tie per her entry as soon as she e-mails me her info. YAY!

Kinky Rhonnie please e-mail me at

Thank you all for playing. There will be more giveaways soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Spring Collection Free Give Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am releasing my spring line of Hair Ties and Jewelry today! Yay!

To kick it off, I am offering a free give away. Whoever can pick one item they like most and write back about it in the comments section may win either the Kate or Lavender& Lilac Hair Tie!

This means you can win a free hair tie and all you have to do is comment. The best response will receive the hair tie.

Remember all of the items are handmade and come with free shipping. I am adding them to my Etsy store NaturallySophia and right now!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hair Ties on Etsy

Hi there lock stars. I have started posting some of my hair accessories on too. I am adding more by the day. Please keep checking back.

Here is my Etsy page: NaturallySophia

Thank you for supporting!
I look forward to your views on Etsy too!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look All Yuh! I Won Something!!!!!!!!!!!

Evelyn author of nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

I was so flattered that anyone would pic me as a nominee. She wrote that my blog is interesting and that I creatively post. Wow! Gee Thanks. When I blog, it feels like I put so much work in for no one to notice. I am glad at least one person did. People tell me all the time that they read it, but comments are scant sometimes. It's not as fun for me if people don't engage. So thank you Evelyn for the award.
By request, I have to tell you (7) things that I love and to also nominate (7) other bloggers for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

(7) Things that I love.

I love so much. This is the behavior I try to do most. Love is all around me. I take it with me wherever I go. Love can be subtle enough to penetrate any obstruction, and powerful enough to save anything. I am a lover of love not only that carnal, romantic love but also the unselfish, by any means necessary tough kind of love.

1.The Most High/God(dess). The greatest gift is the gift of Life. How can you not love the Life Giver?

2. The Sun. Everybody loves the sunshine but me especially. It changes my mood. I love to sun bathe; I love rooms with the windows exposed so I can sit in front of it with a good book and just feel warm.

3. My family especially my mom and dad. Many people have children, not all of them parent. Of those who parent, not all of them do it well. I am in the minority of people who have received those 2 self-sacrificing, loving parents who parent well.
4. Quiet. When I am not constantly infiltrated with other people's sound tracks, I think clearer, am more creative and can do any task better than I would with noise.

5. Music & Movies. I particularly love these activities because I can do them alone or with friends, and it's fun either way. I love all types of music and concerts. I specifically like movies that are foreign or independent films but also comedies. I tend to lean towards the underground in music and like my films with a meaning.

6. Reading. Who doesn't appreciate a curling up with some hot cocoa and a good book. I tend to like authors like Pahlo Cohelo, Toni Morrison, and Alice Walker. I thought of creating a book club several times because I just can't seem to find a book club in my area that is what I'm seeking. the ore you know, the more you grow right?

7. Dancing. I love dancing and swimming actually because they are work outs that don't feel like it. If I go dancing every weekend, I am consistently 20 pounds lighter than I am now. I like just letting the vibrations from the music guide me. I especially like dancing with a partner, but I will dance all by myself.

Here is one tangible thing I love just cuz: Lush "Honey I Washed the Kids" Soap. It is divine! Honey and cocoa with a real honey comb on top of it to exfoliate. I swear adding a lot of simple things you love can make you so much happier.

I thought long and hard about the 7 other blogs I would nominate. Here they go in no specific order:

I was sold from the first time I saw this blog. She said that she spent over $50 looking for the right vegan cheese. If any of you have ever attempted to eat a cheese substitute, you can relate. As many of you know, I am a vegetarian and look forward to cutting eggs and cheese out of my diet which are the only animal foods I eat.

I love this blog. It is a photo blog that has gorgeous photos and awesome content. I actually followed it before it was a photo blog with a link I found on I feel its content reflects experiences most people can relate to.

His blog is just interesting. That's all I can say. He is an artist; so it's part photo blog. His photos are as interesting and varied as his subjects. I particularly like his posts on food, movies, and parenting.

Her blog posts appeal to the free side of me. The one that is forever wearing textured pantyhose under tweed pantsuits. The one that wants to move to Paris instead of going to grad school.

J'adore Brigitte! She and her blog are pure fashion fabulous with a focus on ethnicity in fashion and modeling. In my head, I imagine us as BFFs who shop together. She has interesting perspectives on popular culture in general and an eye for the truly fierce.

He is a writer. Everyday he writes about something. He has an appreciation for Black women that I find refreshing. Abagond writes well about interesting topics. His blog is all great content. What more could you want?

Seriously, I get the news I care about from here. I feel happy to be in the same blogosphere as someone so relevant and cognizant.

And just because I am a rebel, here's number 8:

It is about Black womyn in film (or the lack thereof). The best thing is that she posts trailers for films that you would never hear about or see. Her viewpoints are both poignant and clear.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hi Everyone! Because I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms from the closing of Brunsli's Hair Tie store coupled with the fact that I could not find ties with the je ne sais quoi I was looking for, I decided to make and sell my own.

This is just a sample of what I am offering with Free Shipping for the Grand Opening!

If you would like to purchase any of these, you can visit my site
If you need more pictures, just e-mail me. I look forward to your support. :) More pictures are coming soon.