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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sisterlocks Mythbusters

I did an informal poll of my friends with locks, and now that I have done a post of Natural Hair Myths, I am going to address just Sisterlock myths.

The first myth is that they are dirty- you can't wash them as often as you like.

I think all loc wearers have gotten this at one time:

Do You Wash Your Hair?

Of course you can wash your hair as often as you like.

I will say that if you wash them early in the process as a newbie it can cause slippage. The Sisterlocks would have to be redone if that occurs. But it is your hair; and if you braid and band it, the slipping will be prevented for the most part.

2nd Myth: They are not versatile.

Sisterlocks are versatile. They are not versatile in the "wanna add different chemicals and weave every other day" sense. But to date, I have done so much with my hair. You can color it, style it, and cut it. If you'd like to see my initial install consultant's photos, click here . You can style it as you would loose hair.

3rd myth: Men do not like women with locks.

It depends on the man. All the men I like, like women with locks. Would you really want to be with a man who didn't embrace your natural hair?

4th myth: They're expensive.

ok, yes Sisterlocks initially cost a whole lot of $. But please consider how much you pay on your current hairstyle now. For example, I would get my hair done almost every week for $25 and pay for weave occasionally, deep conditioning, and haircuts. Then, I would pay to style my hair at home with $ spent on flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers.

Now I only pay occasionally to get my hair retightened if I don't do it myself. In the past year, I have gotten my hair retightened only 6 times. When I multiply those 6 times times the amount I paid, it's far less than I paid at the salon and the beauty supply store 3 years ago.

Then, you must consider time is money. Instead of spending an hour on my hair every morning before work, I spend maybe 15 minutes, once every month if I want an updo or something. I do not spend the 2 -3 hours at the salon every week that I used to spend. In the past year, I have spent 1/16 of the time I spent on my hair in the years before that.

5th myth: They're too small, they'll fall off.

They are small but they won't break like some free form locks and traditional locks do. You can have a healthy set of traditional locks or free from locks though! But specifically, those locks can be more prone to breakage from over twisting at the scalp and/or weight. Interlocking the hair keeps any size locks strong and attached to the hair growing from the scalp. The smallness of the locks allows for more versatility in styling.

6th myth: People that have Sisterlocks are not natural.

This myth goes back to Natural Hair Myth Busting! . There is some ambiguity around the word natural. You don't have to be natural to have Sisterlocks. Many womyn with Sisterlocks do some very unnatural things in my opinion. My hair is natural in the sense that it grows out of my scalp without using any chemicals that straighten the hair. However, my hair is dyed. To some, this is unnatural. But many people with freeform locs, say that the constant grooming and manipulation of Sisterlocks renders them an unnatural style. I think it's important that you define the word for yourself. To me, no chemicals + no added hair = natural. I encourage you to make your own equation and share it please.

Are there any myths I left out?

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