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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sisterlocks: the Complete List of Resources

I was looking high and low for a comprehensive site on Sisterlocks when I first locked my hair a couple of years ago. I found a few blogs and the site. But I had to search for info and ask questions. If you are contemplating Sisterlocks, you should too. You may find it a chore to get all the info you need. I have complied this list for you. I hope it's helpful.

Sisterlocks: Is a method of locking hair into micro dreadlocks founded by Joanne Cornwell. A certified Sisterlocks consultant should install your locks. A complete list of consultants and official trainees are on the site

What is the method? : It involves crocheting/knitting your hair from the ends to the scalp.

Can I add hair?: What about Sisterlocks Extensions?:
The method was not designed for hair to be added. If you have any doubts about that, see Dr. Joanne Cornwell. Many Sisterlocks Consultants offer extensions onto the locks as a separate service. I would caution against this but to each, their own. You can find info about this on

The intention of Sisterlocks is to offer natural hair care management without chemicals or extensions. I think you are beautiful and don't need anyone else's hair to be. I also do not believe in supporting the Koreans and Indians in purchasing hair making them rich and lowering our self-esteem.

Can I wash Sisterlocks? :
Yes, Sisterlocks is your own hair. Of course, you can wash your own hair.

Sisterlocks seems permanent. Are Sisterlocks permanent?:
No is the short answer. However, removing Sisterlocks is very difficult. It takes a lot of money and time to start Sisterlocks. It would be a considerable loss of an investment in both time and money to immediately take Sisterlocks down.

Here are the stories of 2 women who have taken down Sisterlocks:
Sisterlocks can be dyed. Please see a competent colorist with locked hair experience.
Sisterlocks don't seem to have any styling options. I like doing lots of things with my hair. Will I be limited?:
No! Look at just a few of the things I have done. You aren't limited at all.

You are not limited at all. You can curl Sisterlocks with any type of rollers though soft, spongy rollers work best. You may also crimp your hair by braiding it together damp with water and/or styling lotion (mousse), then unraveling it dry.

Some Sisterlocks resources have been more helpful than others for my personal Sisterlocks journey. Here is a list of the links I have most frequented since my journey:

Why are Sisterlocks so expensive? :
In short, Sisterlocks are expensive because they are teeny tiny and take a whole lot of work to put in...My consultant spent 33 hours on my head and many of my locks are smaller than toothpicks. How much would you want to get paid for that kind of work if you were a hair care professional?

You can justify the cost with time, and I also encourage you to compare it on a yearly basis with how much you are spending now.
Sisterlocks are still to expensive! What are my options for small locks?
Nappylocs is the first alternative that comes to mind. You can read more on how to do the method yourself at

You can do small traditional locks started by a single or 2 strand twist where you interlock when the locks grow out with a latch hook (craft tool sold at beauty supply and craft stores) or your own hands.
You could braid your hair in tiny braids and retighten your hair with a tool.
Do professional women have Sisterlocks? Can I get or keep a job with Sisterlocks?
Yes! Yes! Just look at Docs Locs. She is very poised, articulate and an M.D. no less.

I have gotten one job offer and 2 promotions since my Sisterlocks were installed. Personally, at my previous place of employment, I noticed only other Black people view natural hair as unprofessional.

Can I transition from perm or a relaxer?
Yes you may. Many with Sisterlocks choose this route:
Will my hair be thin/thick, grow longer, or shrink?
It is important to realize that Sisterlocks will look like your own hair. If your hair is thin, I guarantee your Sisterlocks will make your hair appear thicker; but not thicker than someone with a thick head full of Sisterlocks.
Yes, your hair will grow without shedding! You may experience your hair appearing shorter after you lock it while it is still maturing. But everytime you blink you will have to get your hair retightened. I kid! Not literally but often (every 4-8 weeks). Your hair may also grow in between your parts and sprout where there was never hair before...
What is retightening?
Retightening will take place after your hair has grown out a bit. It is a way of maintaining the strength of your locks by interlocking the hair. A certified consultant or trainee can retighten it for you. But you may retighten it yourself.


daisylocs said...

A very nice and comprehensive post. Nice to have all that information in one spot.

Agent Wife said...

Great and thorough information!

Nubian1 said...

Good girl Sophia 10 out of 10! If anyone asks me for more info, guess where am directing them to?
Good on you girl!

Meikmeika said...

You are so amazingly awesome for posting this!!!!!

Queen Nat said...

Great job Sophia... I'm about to send someone to this post!

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Great info, I definitely have this bookmarked!

Anonymous said...

would weave be better if it made african americans rich?

Naturally Sophia said...

Anonymous- Clearly, weave would not be better if it made Blacks rich. But at least there would be some benefit to Blacks. With the beauty supply industry as it is, most of Black people's collective money spent on beauty go to people who are not interested in the best (healthy) way to manage curly/kinky hair.

Currently, other ethnicities are continuing to make loads of money selling harmful chemicals and synthetic hair also treated with carcinogens in processing while reinforcing artificial hair treated with carcinogens as standards of beauty.

I encourage a dialogue on this blog though; can you, Anonymous, think of a way that weave or the selling of it benefits African Americans?

Laquita said...

Great post Sophia - I was in the process of writing an outline for an article I'm writing on locs and loc styles and would love your input.

I would just like to ask you a few questions about your sisterlocks - pretty much like what you wrote about.

Please let me know if you have the time to help I could email the questions and more info to you if you like - I checked the follow-up comments box that has my email. I hope that works so you can email me and let me know. Thanks :o)

Laquita said...

Okay just ignore the comment about me checking that follow-up comment box I found out what it's actually for :o) - Anyway, I also figured out that you can send me an email through my address on my blog profile SMH - Lol I guess it's been a long day - at least it's Friday.

Thanks again.

Docs Locs said...

Hey Sophia,

Just getting around to lurking again after a Spring break haitus.

Informative post.

As for your response to Anon: "Clearly, weave would NOT be better if it made Blacks rich."
-straight and to the point.

Besides, for the most part, weave hasn't made AAs 'rich' - but it HAS made others rich.

(see Aron Ranen's film -

Hair design said...

Amazing, you have a lot of sisterlocks styles. Photos shows it. I hope you will post more and thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Hair Loss Treatment said...

Reading this post makes me thinking of having those locks. I think its awesome.

Hair Loss said...

how man days before you can wet your hair when you get some dreads?

me said...

I know everyone is agains it but I wore my hair in a puff for so long that the front broke of and is much shorter then the rest of my hair. Would I be able to start of the front with extensions?

Dee G said...

Great site! Tons of info here.

Sisterlocks are gorgeous! I didn't start researching them until earlier this year, and still go back and forth as to whether I want them. My 2-year natural anniversary comes up in February 2012 and I may make a decision then.