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Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural Hair Myth Busting!

I decided to do a post about common myths involving Sisterlocks. But then I realize first I have to address some common myths about natural hair.

The first myth is that natural hair is not professional. And along with this myth is the myth that people with natural hair belong to certain subcultures (activists, poets, hippies or criminals).

Seeing is believing. So, first I have posted a variety of people that have natural hair. My aim here is to show that natural hair isn't a certain look that belongs to a certain type of person. From top to bottom (Rapper Lil' Wayne; Whoopi Goldberg, award winning actress and grandmother of 3 sporting a chic look by Christian Siriano ; Sanyika Calloway Boyce, a financial expert and entrepreneur who has been featured on Good Morning America; Professor and famous activist Angela Davis)

So who has natural hair? Criminals? Yes some criminals have natural hair. Please understand that I am not saying all rappers are criminals. Activist? Yes some political activist have natural hair. Conservatives? Yes some conservatives have natural hair. Lesbians? Yes some lesbians have natural hair. Lawyers? Yes some lawyers have natural hair.

When you decide to go natural or keep your natural hair, you have to consider it will be you with the natural. If you are a professional, it will be you as the professional being you are with natural hair. If you are not a rapper and you have locks, then it can't be true that only rappers have locks. Got it?

So, natural hair does not belong to a certain subculture. Natural hair belongs to the wearer.

The next myth I have heard is that natural hair is too masculine for women. Or I have heard women say men will not like me with natural hair.

This is untrue. If you are not masculine to begin with, how you wear your hair won't change that. There are plenty of attractive men of all races who not only like but prefer natural hair.

My next post is about myths specifically related to Sisterlocks.

But I would like to hear your thoughts about the myths surrounding natural hair in general.


Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Hi Sophia,

What do you think about heterosexual men who fear getting locks, because they think they will look effeminate or even gay with them? :D

Quietspirit said...

Great post. I been around long enough to to know that the state of ones hair has nothing to do with who or what they are. In the autobiography of Malcom X he conked his hair during his criminal days. Perhaps straight hair = criminal was a myth in that time period. Myths have been around for a long time and will probably continue. It's good that poeple like you take the time to set the record straight. BTW Angela Davis had beautiful locks some time in the 90's. She inspired me to tack my hair.

Naturally Sophia said...

Wow! You ladies make very valuable points.

Chinue- In Atlanta, all kinds of people have locks so I had not heard about the effeminate myth. But I think it goes along with the masculine myth womyn had. It makes no sense.

Quietspirit- I love it when you comment. You always give me new insights. I never thought about perhaps straight=criminal at one time.

Angela Davis - her afro and her locks inspired me to stay natural. Her locks were so thick and long. I saw them in high school during the 90s and thought they were awesome.

Anonymous said...

Doctors have locked hair too! I am an Ob/GYN with sisterlocks. Often my young patients will tell me that they like my hair, but could never wear it that way because of (insert excuse here) school, their man, their job, their mama, etc. Didn't hold me back. :-)

OB in DC

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Hahahaha trust me I know it sounds ridiculous, but you have some men in Jamaica who are afraid to get brother locks or traditional locks for that matter, especially if they are going to have a neat manicured look, because they are afraid of looking too "pretty". I know it is weird. Thank God it is not all Jamaican men who feel that way though.

Big up to the Ob/Gyn with Sisterlocks. ;)

Khandi said...

I just don't get this at all. How can having natural hair be un-natural??? How can choosing to wear my hair the way God blessed me with mean that i belong to a sub-culture? I've had someone accuse me of that before and i was not impressed. Like you said you are who you are regardless of the state of your hair. As India Arie said "I'm not my hair"

Cashana said...

I was told before I got my sisterlocks, that I was the "type" of person to lock my hair. My question was always, what type? Seemingly, I have some characteristics of a nonconformist and my love of reading are the culprits. So according to some folks I fit a subculture. I wear my hair natural because I wanted to. I have never done things to fit it and even though I waited until I got my "legal" job before locking, I did that so I wouldn't have to deal with the ignorance about hair. I always knew I would lock my hair at some point in my life. Great post!

Naturally Sophia said...

Chinue- I love it when you comment. I never new about that going on in Jamaica or rather with Jamaican men.

Khandi- True

Cashana- "Seemingly, I have some characteristics of a nonconformist" That's me since the "jump-off" as they say.

MsNaNa said...

This was a great post (although I am a little late). I think the view of natural hair is quite often asscoiated with the dirty, unkempt, dangerous, beings in society. Glad to see that individuals are downsizing those myths and speaking out!

Allecia said...

I hadn't seen this picture of Whoopi and go Christian Siriano! It's funny that she doesn't like to wear dresses. She looks stunning.