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Friday, February 6, 2009

I Am a Left-Parter? How about you?

Siblings and sociologists John and Catherine Walter have researched how a person's image is affected by his or her hair part. Whether you part your hair on the left or right side of your head -- or not at all -- influences how others perceive you and possibly even how you perceive yourself. The idea behind their theory is that your hair part alters how others interact with you, thus altering how you interact with them, and so on.

Warning! The theory is a tad bit sexist, but here’s a link that discusses the study.

This is the hair-part breakdown, according to the Walters:

Men who part their hair on the left are often popular and successful. People perceive them as strong.

Women who part their hair on the left are considered reliable and intelligent. It's a smart move for those who work in politics or business.

Men who part their hair on the right are seen as radical and open. These men should be strong enough to overcome the stigma against men with this part.

Women who part their hair on the right are viewed as gentle and feminine. Because it is a more traditional style, it can affect how seriously they are taken.

People who don't part their hair, can't part their hair due to baldness or use a center part come across as trustworthy and wise.

I don't know about you. But I like my hair parted to the left with not that much scalp showing. I really dislike all my parts showing after retightening it.

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Shavonne said...

This is interesting. I only part my hair on the left side because I have a mole to the bottom left side of my mouth and it balances out my face. I tried parting my hair on the right side but it didn't look right because then I had too much going on on my left side (hair and mole).

Khandi said...

Hmmm it always amazes me what ppl spend their time researching. For me I usually part my hair in the centre. But one time when I got re-tighten my consultant gave me a part on the left and I liked it and keep it like that (does that count?)

shea said...

i shift from left and right. depending on which way my hair falls.

i like that it does that because i don't want it getting used to one way of parting...

DiVA_La Reine said...

These days I just let it hang but normally swoop to the I was thinking it was just the best side to camo my huge forehead lol!

Mel said...

I prefer my hair parted on the right, I think it suits my face better; I also wear it with a centre parting.
I guess that makes me gentle, feminine, trustworthy and wise!

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all for voting and responding. I am amazed that 25 people voted. Do that many people actually read this blog? I am astonished.

Shavonne said...

I read your blog every time you update though my comments are more sporadic than your postings. :)