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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seriously Considering Sisterlocks

Occasionally, I get some serious blogger love. I had to share parts of this e-mail from Tiffany because it really made my day! It also has valuable info for those who may be attempting the transition. Her words are in this color.

Sophia, I LOVE the blog and have read every post (and every blog linked to your blog).

OMG! Someone actually reads e-v-e-r-y post, even the rants, even the random ones. Whoa! And she noticed I carefully select each blog linked to my blog. I am in awe.

I have wanted locks for about 5 years, but changed my mind many times after being discouraged from those "who don't know any better" (including my husband).

We all know about the nay sayers. Liberate yourself my sistah; do what you want to do. Life is very short!

But this time I am arming myself with all the information I can, to prepare for this transition of my life.

Preparation is the best policy, ya know besides honesty.

I have been free of the chemicals for about 7 months (WoooHoo! Congrats) ,and I currently go to natural stylist every other week who does the twists/twistout, cornrows, ionic flat iron, etc (she does not do sisterlocks)........

My hair is seriously damaged around the nape area due to three straight years of excessive weave, treebraids, micros blah.blah,blah, so I am trying to get it healthy right now... My edges were almost as bad as Susan Taylors (please don't get me wrong I am not talking about Susan, I love her but the cornrows are killing her hairline). I noticed. The choir says Amen!

I really do put alot of trust in what you say, so I feel comfortable telling you that I am looking for a colsulatant in the Atlanta area to talk to.

Trust? We have this kind of relationship? Awh shucks!

It looks like you are in the sisterlocks "circle" so you know whos SLs look good, who does a good job/who does not, who is professional/who is not, who is fast/who isn't, basically--- who will be a bit patient and won't mind schooling a indecisive sister who doesn't make many decisions on her own.

ok, I am in the circle and now you are too. Please attend the next meet-up. A few consultants will always be there.

I am going to ask you to do your own research here in Atlanta. I failed to do that for a consultant and suffered some serious foolishness as you know.

I also think that you may be a bit PARTICULAR (like myself) {Who me? No! LMAO ;)} and not one exceptant of what isn't top notch. I see that you had a bus. card for your consultant, Julia, on your blog, and actually, she was the first person that I considered calling (even before I read your blog) because sheis listed in my area, but I am willing to travel where-ever in the metro Atl area for the best person.

Julia is a great consultant. She has never missed a strand and is hella fast. I know no one faster than she. But she does work from home and has a small child which may be a con for you. It didn't deter me, but I have heard others complain about that sort of thing. I like Julia also because she believes in holistic body care and has a great high energy vibe. She answered all my questions and promptly returned my phone calls. Would you believe some people didn't even call me back when I looked for a consultant?

If there are some other specific names you want to inquire about, ask away. I don't know all of them; but I have heard of most of them, which are really good or really bad.

Also, I am a teacher, and had not really planned to get my SLs until either spring break (April), or the very beginning of the summer (like after Mem. Day, in May). Would contacting a consultant now be too premature... I don't want for it to appear that I am wasting any ones time... but I am really, really interested.

It is never too early to start the interview process. Heck I bugged Brunsli for weeks with questions! LOL!

Sisterlocks are too expensive, time-consuming, and semi-permanent to really wait until the last minute to start finding a consultant. It helps to know what size/look you want, and it helps to ask specific questions that are important to you like:

How long do your retightenings take?

How much do you charge?

Are you in a salon?

Do you have locks?

Who does your locks?

May I see photos of your work? Call your clients?

It's good you teach; I really admire people in education. Also,I think your timing is good because it corresponds to the Natural Hair Show in April. There may be deals for the show.

If I didn't tell you before You are MY sisterlocks idol.... I love your style and the effort you have put into this blog is amazing....You're a sisterlock fairy godmother( They need to put you on the site:)

Thanks for the compliments; literally, I am still blushing. They would never put me on the site mainly because they don't condone using other methods of hair locking which I am open too (e.g. lock glue, Nappylocs). And also any official Sisterlocks info has to come from Dr. Joanne Cornwell. She is the Oprah of Sisterlocks. But I wish they would update it; and make it younger and more cool.

Hope to see you at the next Meet-Up Tiffany!


sunsail said...
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sunsail said...

Aw, how awesome!! I really do hope she takes the plunge. Everyone's top regret after they get sisterlocks is not having gotten them sooner!!!

DiVA_La Reine said...

Aww, that's really sweet!! Your blog is awesome :)

Brown ButtahFly said...

Great post, I'm sure a lot of ladies considering locks will appreciate this post.

To Sunsail, I have to agree several of us wish we had gotten locks sooner!

Thandi said...

G;ad to know there are others out there who read EVERY SINGLE THING you post! I'm not mad, and there are lots who appreciate the effort you put into it.Thanks.I'll never be a sisterlocked sister (blame geography) but I'll never leave your blog!

Khandi said...

Lovely post, good info
I'm sure Tiff will soon be a member of the SL family and will have her own blog

Laquita said...

Great post. Yep I have to agree your blog is awesome - being such a loc-stalker and having not one loc on my head, I'd have to say it's one of the best :o)

Meikmeika said...

You're definitely a Sisterlock inspiration and always have interesting posts! Tiffany wrote an awesome email!!!

Sonya said...

Hi Sophia,

I am currently in search of a consultant closer to my area (snellville/loganville). I've read your rave review about your consultant and wanted to know if she is still taking clients. Does she currently have a website to view her prices and all she offers. It also helps that your hair looks awesome!!

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Sonya! My consultant is in Stone Mountain; she is always taking clients. Her number is 404-718-9371.

There are other consultants closer to your area. Please come to the natural hair meet-up. It's great to compare notes on consultants.

Naturally Sophia said...

The meet-up is at 4pm at Lattetude in Decatur.