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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Bittersweet New Year

This year started with the loss of a beloved relative that is missed dearly. It made it hard to speak to anyone or even get out of the bed after I heard the news. But as it is said, "This too shall pass." And as my double cousin ( our dads are brothers & moms sisters) said, "The only thing we are promised is death."
Directly before the New Year, around November, I started 3 of my 4 New Year's Resolutions which are:
1. Be more organized.
I realized that I could not do this without purging clutter. I purged from all over the house but especially the closets.
So accordingly, I got rid of 8 large boxes of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I also threw away papers that were years and years old. So, I am off to a good start. It's the habits that I have that need improvement. I plan to throw away mail daily and hang up my clothes after the laundry rather than tossing them in a basket. I also reorganized my closet and bought a nifty rack for my shirts that I keep in the guest bedroom.

2. Lose weight.
I have lost around 30 pounds from the time I first got Sisterlocks. I plan to reign in on carbs, cheese, and soft drinks this year. I consistently worked out twice a week in 2008. I plan to step that up as much as possible this year. I feel motivated after watching more of the Biggest Loser marathon than I'd care to admit.

3. Develop consistency in my Spiritual Practice.

I would like to increase my temple/church time to at least twice per month. I would also like to chant/pray/meditate at least an hour daily in addition to keeping a spiritual journal. So far, I have been going to yoga class once-twice a week. I feel ready to begin my daily practice on my own.

4. Do my own Sisterlocks.

I retightened my hair myself after 3 months of growth with the Nappylocs tool. I curved it per Onyx Cherry to keep from joining my micro locks. It took me days, but I finished. The photo below is her using the small Nappylocs tool to retighten her locks. I use the micro tool and find that it is still too big for the locks around my hairline.

I like doing it myself because it's not as tight and I can cut the strands that have grown together rather than popping them apart like my consultant does. I saved around $200 which I desperately needed during these tough economic times. I see that trend continuing through the New Year. I love my consultant. No one is faster than her, and I always have good conversations with her. But doing my own hair has to be the norm for now. I will see her as an occasional treat, maybe every six months or so.

Honorable Mention: Me and my darling Heartbreaker Decepticon went on our first date this day 4 years ago!!!!!!!


muslimahlocs said...

i miss studying yoga with a good guide. i used to frequent an ashram for classes and enjoyed it more there than in a gym. all the best with your goals!

Meikmeika said...

You've got some really good and realistic resolutions.

Great job on your weight loss. I gotta work on my soft drink intake as well....

Happy New Year!!!

Amber Jaye said...

I admire your goals! And I admire you for setting them and starting them long before the new year! THe cut is cute too! I had sisterlocks for 7 years, never died them because I thought it was contradictory! well, i cut them off, started over, and say eff it! I am natural because I am of the earth and I want red hair! I love it so much more now that it's red! LOVE IT!

you go girl!

Aquarian Thoughts said...

OMG! 30 pounds is really excellent.

Working on food addictions became really easy for me when I started researching what all the ingredients were and what they do to the body . . .