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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees- The Movie

I can not express how much I enjoyed this movie. Please go see it! The acting is phenomenal. It was definitely an empowering movie to see being both Black and woman.

I plan to read the book some day as I know the book must be better than the movie (books always are).

The main characters in the movie have a feminine regard for the Divine. It was powerful! There were so many nuances and overt ways the cinematography expressed black women of color being powerful without the source of that power linked to a man. I appreciated that and how the main characters loved, seeming to disregard the time frame (Civil Rights Era) and race in their loving.

I enjoyed seeing Queen Latifah (she had natural hair in the film) , Jennifer Hudson, and Dakota Fanning. It was wonderful to see Alicia Keys' performance too. Her character was funny, and ya know I enjoyed her little faux afro too. My favorite actress by far in this film is Sophie Okonedo. Her character, I feel, required the most depth; I knew she would rise to the challenge after watching Hotel Rwanda. Afterall, she is an Oscar nominated actress.
She also has natural hair on and off the screen:

Bottomline, go see this movie!


Quietspirit said...

I think she does. There was some discussion about this on lockitup. The video did not really help you kinda need to see the commercial on TV. She's been in several of their commercials.

Mel said...

Sophie went to the same Primary School as my Sons (not at the same time!); she is one of the school's claims to fame. It has been fantastic to watch her progress from small roles in tv programmes to holding her own in major films.

DiVA_La Reine said...

I agree the movie was very, very touching and Sophie Okonedo was the one to watch she brought depth to the entire film. I want to go all out on how I feel about the film but I know I'll end up spoiling it for someone who hasn't seen it. I started reading the book after one of my mentors recommended it to me last year but because of time constraints and not being able to renew it again with the local library the movie came first. But I'm with you the book is a must on my list.