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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Bro's New Hair Style

OK, so for years now, my brother grows his hair out in the summer usually in an Afro. But he has tried twists, cornrows, and almost every cut know to man.

Well, he finally tried a Mohawk. I think it is too cute.

Seeing this, made me think of my Mohawk:

I so want to cut the right side of my Sisterlocks off to have a design cut in. I just love funky cuts. But on second thought, the upkeep doesn't sound like I'd be up for it. Besides, who wants to start the locking process over again?! I must say that I love Jill Scott's latest punk locked hairdo though:

Look at these natural punk styles too:


Nihuru said...

UMM UMM Good....I'm loving your brothers look also....and the hair is sharp too...LOL

DiVA_La Reine said...

I loved your lockhawk!! I've been trying to get my sister to shave a design in her hair but she won't, and i'm to chicken to shave anything in my head so I guess I'll admire other brave souls.

onyxcherry said...

Funky Fresh
Dressed to Impress
Ready to Party

I love the different 'hawks.