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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Dyed My Locks Again

This journey started out as a quest to dye over the lint, build-up, and follicles in my locks. If you look real hard and squint, you can see some of it especially around the scalp. See!

So, my beloved H.D. (Heartbreaker Decepticon) helped me dye my hair. The color I chose on the box was supposed to make my dark brown hair slightly lighter and cover the lint. Naturtint is an awesome brand that has no ammonia and no parabens.

It comes with a delightful conditioner that gives your hair a nice sheen without adding the heaviness of most wash-out conditioners.

I mixed the developer and H.D. did the application. It did not give me the result I thought it would. Boo! Last year, the color took completely when I Dye d it a nice jet black color. This year, it gave me a little sheen and NO color. It's like the color didn't take at all. It did kind of condition it.

The end result, it looks almost exactly as it did before but with a little more sheen. The lint is still present.

I have too much lint for a Sharpie and too much build-up for a Tweezer.

I am deciding between a stronger dye or using the lint method Amba prescribed. She said that if you spray your hair with oil and work the lint down to the ends, then you can wash it out or pick it out and it will travel to the ends.

I may force myself to sleep on Satin pillows, but I refuse to sleep with my hair covered

Any Suggestions? Any Comments?


Meikmeika said...

H.D. is AWESOME!!! Sorry the color didn't come out as expected. Maybe the last one took b/c it was a darker shade than your own hair.

For build-up I do ACV rinses. Take undiluted ACV and saturate the areas that have build-up. Leave in for atleast 30 mins...then rinse.

sunsail said...

Ugh. I HATE sleeping on satin pillows. My head always slides off and i have the worst night sleep ever!

Well, if you don't want to cover your hair, then you may have to deal with the lint. I think lint is a natural byproduct for those that can't comb their hair.

Ever try using a sharpie to cover up the lint?? I LOVE it!! :)

DiVA_La Reine said...

OMG that's so sweet that your H.D. helped with your hair!! I think I'm going to have to incorporate that into a scene in one of my stories.

I feel you with the lint, I'm too lazy to tie my hair at night in the beginning I did it like clock work but now I'm just past it, but I have lint problem and I can't see them all to get in there with the marker. I'm going to do the ACV this weekend though haven't done that in a while. And I still need to pick up that pet towel.

Naturally Sophia said...

Yes H.D. is awesome. I think I attempted too light a shade or didn't let it process for long enough...

I love ACV rinses!

I think I might comment to a stronger color like jet black again. I really don't want to use a dye with peroxide or ammonia in it. This may change later...stay posted, lol