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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Does This Woman Have Sisterlocks?

The past week as I have been getting ready for work and watching the local news as I always do (Mostly for traffic; ATL traffic is a beast), I keep seeing these commercials for America's Best Eyeglasses that seem to feature a woman with Sisterlocks. I am not quite sure. Admittedly, I don't have my glasses on but what do you think?

Does this woman have Sisterlocks?

Regardless, it's nice to see some natural hair representation in the media.

To see one of the commercials or to get a better look at her hair, click here. Try pausing it as she turns her head to the side.


sunsail said...

Yes, she does!! I've seen these commercials aired for over a year now, and I totally noticed that she had locks.

Au Naturale said...

that is so funny because i have noticed her hair too and i am pretty positive that she does have sisterlocks.

Amina said...

I agree mama, I too think she has sisterlocks. I've seen the commercial many times this year, and everytime I re-confirm it.

Claire (my sl consultant), and I do sl checks when watching tv all the time. We decided that she

SeZ said...

OMG that is so funny I said the same thing when I saw that commerical. I said she has sisterlocks on the eye glass commericial. There is another one to, on a cleaning products commercial.