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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That Hair Thang & The Comments That Go with Being Au Naturale

Ok, This post is just to vent about the most ignorant ish I have heard about natural hair recently. It amazes me to see how people still don't recognize the fabulousness of natural hair. Even more so, I feel like people are on the attack because they are really lacking in self esteem.

Woman in Grocery Store: Why would you mess up all that "good hair" with locks?

Me:( not in the mood) No habla Ingles

Woman with Long Sistelocks: Sometimes I wear a wig because Sisterlocks don't go with every outfit.

Me: Smug Look

Woman with No Hair due to Chemical Burns from Relaxer Wearing a Turban: You need to realize that locks is just dead hair. Why would you want shedded, matted hair?

Me: Your fingernails are "dead" also. Would you pour battery acid on them? I prefer my hair which is healthy versus anything else in this style, to each, their own.

Male Co-Worker: I don't like dreads. I really don't like anything without a pattern on men or women.

Me: le sigh

Cashier after a Retightening: You have the smallest Micros (braids) I have ever seen. How long that take?

Me: I have Sisterlocks. A locking method that uses no fake hair ( at this point she was looking for an extension method, both hands digging through my head).

Cashier after Realizing I Had No Weave: Oh you got good hair anyway, I need some chemicals in mines

Me: Here is my consultants card if you ever change your mind.

Woman at Store Wearing Weave: Your hair looks so good. Are those Sisterlocks or Twists?

Me: Sisterlocks Thanks!

Woman at the Store Wearing Weave: Sisterlocks Cost Too Much

Me: If you want to lock, you can use any method even braids.

Woman at the Store Wearing Weave: I don't want locks anyway. Sisterlocks still cost too much,

Me: Well you know best. ( A phrase I offer for people not listening and especially know it all sorts.)

Woman with Small Afro Peeping Out under Wig: I want to lock my hair when it gets long enough

Me: Really? Is your hair short? It looks long enough to start locking.

Woman with Small Afro with at Least 2-3 inches of nice coils Poking Out Under Wig: This is a wig.

Me: (thinking obviously) I meant your natural hair.

Same Woman: Ohh! I mean I want my hair to be long like yours when I lock.

Me: The best way to grow your hair is in locks. That way you won't shed any hair and keep all your growth.

Same Woman Determined to Have the Last Word: Did you do that?

Me: No because I had several inches of natural hair when I decided to lock. There are many people that start with very short hair. There is a natural hair meet-up. I am writing the info on my consultant's card for you.

Woman Speaks after Readjusting Wig: I just like the look of long hair.

Me: Handing the woman the card with a big smile- I understand. You are pretty enough to carry off the short look even bald (she was). You and your natural hair are so beautiful. I hope to see you at the meet-up. Be well.

I am finished ranting now. Thanks for letting me rave. Does anyone still say stupid things about your hair to you as if you won't be offended?


onyxcherry said...

"No habla Ingles", Hilarious.

I get so tired of having the "I refuse to free my mind of my artificial standards of beauty" conversation with other women that when someone says to me, "Your locks look good on you but they'll never look that good on me." I simply say, " You're probably right." and walk away.

Queen Nat said...

I like this post. I may have to borrow some of those clever comebacks.

Meikmeika said...

I'm always amused when a person wearing fuchsia, burgundy, and blue braid extensions says locks are too BOLD or out there....WTF?!

Or those who say they could never go natural and they have 25 strands of hair struggling to survive the chemicals on their head.....

Goodnapps said...

I wish I could be shocked but I'm not.

muslimahlocs said...

hmmm...another benefit of wearing a scarf would be the absence of ridiculous hair comments but i guess that's balanced out with the ridiculous scarf comments. i will have to try responding in a foreign language. at least i will get a laugh.

DiVA_La Reine said...

LOL! I love the no habla ingles...I only get asked if it's my real hair, which i find weird seeing as my hair is still short.

shea said...

this was heelarious

QueenLi said...

Girl, HOW could I have missed this post? You need to check out my Blog, {click my name, it will take you to it} and scroll down to see a list of "Comebacks" to negative comments about our hair! {yeah, I'm too lazy to log-in today, just wanted to lurk}.

QueenLi said...

{click my name, it will take you to my Blog} and scroll down to see a list of "Comebacks" to negative comments about our hair! {yeah, I'm too lazy to log-in today, just wanted to lurk}.

SeZ said...

I love how your locs have progressed so far. Their looking good girly!
When I saw the title I started to smile.
People say some dumb stuff.
I get asked all the time if it's my real hair. I get people standing and just stirring at my hair. i say that it's real and then they act like they should be able to check if I'm lying or not. I have had a couple come right up and touch my hair like it is not connected to my head.
Or women with a long full cap weave acting like they would never lock their hair. I'm thinking I can't even see your hair now. So what difference would it make? LOL

Mel said...

At times I am just amazed by people. I have recently posted about the most ridiculous question I have been asked about my hair!

Anonymous said...

It is frustrating that even women with natural hair still often prescribe to the white standard of beauty.
It makes me sad when women with tight curls say that they can't go natural because their curls aren't lose. They are basically saying that their God-given black hair is inherently unattractive and that they prefer to continue to try to make their hair look as similar to white women's hair. They are basically saying that they believe that white women's hair is more beautiful than black women's hair, but they are in denial. I used to come out and just say so you think that white women have prettier hair than black women and they would get really mad at me and deny it up and down. But it is exactly what they are saying, there is no such thing as too tightly curled hair, hair is hair and all hair, black and white, is beautiful.