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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Right Wash

My consultant Julia Stewart Stackhaus recommended that I switch shampoos and wash my hair more often. So, I followed her advice. She said my hair was oily (it is naturally) and that it still wasn't locked after almost 18 months. This is partially because of my texture. But the conditioners in the shampoos I normally use add oil which attracts build-up. then I would normally wash my hair only once every 2-3 weeks.

So, I switched from regularly using my Ganier and Aveda Sap Moss for Aveda Detoxifying Shampoo.

I loved it. It gives it a squeaky clean and now I wash my hair more often. It appears to be less oily and locking faster than it was previously.

I dry my hair with a super absorbent towel my sister gave me which doesn't shed lint at all. They are made by Aquis and leave no residue, water, or lint in your hair. It is perfect for locks!


CarmenNC said...

I wish one of the ladies selling lock socks and headwraps would make Aquis like towels. I was thinking of just buying a yard of the fabric and cutting it into two pieces. I'm just bought some

Meikmeika said...

When I first joined LIU I heard nothing but great reviews regarding the Aveda Detoxifying Shampoo. It will definitely speed up your locking process.....

Not to sound weird or anything, but Wal-Mart has these towels for they are the same material and serve the same purpose as the Aquis towels. Not to mention they're only $10 and they're bigger. I got one for Athena and myself...LOL!!!

DiVA_La Reine said...

WOWOW look at that hair! My mother walked by and she asked when my hair was going to be that long lol! then she asked how you were able to take pictures and shower at the same time. Silly mommy! I just want my SL consultant to tell me I can move on to something other then the SL shampoo since it does NOT give that good lather and I have hair that builds up in a matter of days.

Congrats on the hair locking up.

I need to get me one of those doggy towels lol!

Allecia said...

Look at you taking sexy pictures in the shower. I need to find these Aquis towels but I'll have to check out these walmart dog towels. Sounds like a good buy.

Avra Tucker said...

And look at your hair? Lookin' Nice! Thanks for the comments :).

Avra Tucker

Avra Tucker said...

And look at your hair? Lookin' Nice! Thanks for the comments :).

Avra Tucker