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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Q & A- Naturally Sophia Answers Your Lock ?s

Last month, left a comment on my post "It's My Anniversery: 3 Months with Sisterlocks!!!".

She wrote: I just got Sisterlocks. It will be 4 weeks on Monday. I can't wait for length to become more what styles can you get for medium length hair. Anybody have suggestions? Thanks.

I am sure the other locked bloggers will chime in, but I think your options are limitless. You could choose a braid out for wavy volume, a roller set for corkscrew type coils or cascading curls, a hair accessory, a braided style, or a basket weave type design. I have to point you to Kalia-dewdrop, in my honest opinion, she is the best Do-It-Yourself Stylists around! I am however a free-style girl. I wash my hair or roll out of bed and go. Styling for me is an occasional thing. I hope this helps.

The next question I received is from Kim; she asked:

Do you know how I can add shine or luster to my SL's? I have had them since April 2008. Thank you!

Ok, I have to tell you my hair and scalp are extremely oily and my SLs have some shine/sheen to them as they are not completely locked. When I felt like I needed added sheen in the past, I used Jamaican Lime Shine-A-Loc. I don't use it now because my consultant put me on product probation. Sisterlocks usually look fine without the help of products. Locks in general are supposed to look like suede rather than silk.

Now, having said that, I have to use Meikmeika's reference for Oyin's Greg Juice. I trust her judgment without a doubt. To read her review, check out her blog. She actually has a naturally dry scalp and tells me this is a good moisturizer without adding oiliness that can attract lint.

Shea- a smart and beautiful SL sistah (pretty Sisterlocks, teeth, smile, and skin) asked me the following:

Do you currently use the nappylocs tool? If so- how is that working for you? If not- what would you recommend? Have you encountered any issues with self-maintenance that you think you could have avoided by visiting a "professional" (notice the quotes :)? is the retightening method the same as latching method? if not- could you explain how it is different?

Shea, yes I have currently used the Nappylocs tool. I have posted step-by-step instructions below on how to use the Nappylocs tool. It works excellently. I think you should buy at least one; I have ordered the micro Nappylocs tool. Thanks Onyx Cherry for allowing me to take the photos of you using the tool.

1.Insert the loc through the tool.

2. Pull the loc through the hole of the tool, sliding the tool to the base near the scalp.

3. Insert the hook in the scalp and pull it through your new growth.4. Repeat using your particular pattern. My pattern varies between what SL professionals call a 4 or a 3. Most consultants will advise you what your pattern is. The Nappylocs people call patterns by North, South, East, West directions.

5. Complete your pattern, all the time keeping the loc in the hoop so that it won't need to be threaded in the eye of the tool again.

I have to tell you that the Nappylocs tool is small and easily lost. My favorite tool is the latchhook. I have posted this link showing me using it last year Retightening All by Myself: A 3 Tool Journey . It is large enough for me not to lose and really easy to handle. Please also check out Brenda's post entitled " My latchhook ".

So, most of the time, I get my hair retightened by my consultant every 8 weeks. She is lightening fast and close to my house. She usually takes only 4-5 hours to retighten me. The only problems I have encountered that a professional consultant (emphasis on the word "professional") has helped me with are resizing locks another consultant combined, advice on products that prevent or help my resistant hair actually lock, and tips on bunching. All of those items, are not necessarily related to retightening. Feel empowered to do your hair yourself!!
Shea, also please make sure you complete your rotations. If you do not bring the tool all the way through, you could tie knots in your locks. I hope this helps.
Thank you all!


dewdrop said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am definitely posting this tutorial under my 'how-to' links section. Are my eyes fooling me or do you mean to tell me that the end of the NL tool is now curved? Mine is straight but i'm wondering, is it even easier to use because it's curved on the end now(in the photos)?

Naturally Sophia said...

Hey Kalia Dewdrop! Umm no, NL tool is not curved. Onyx Cherry curved her tool and squeezed in the middle for ease of styling. Thanks for stopping by!

DiVA_La Reine said...

I really really want to do my own maintenance but I'm just afraid that I'm going to mess them up! :(

onyxcherry said...


To elaborate on what Sophia said I curved my tool on the end with a pliers because it minimizes the risk of joining locks together and for ease of use because it makes it easier to pull the tool through the base of the lock. I posted about it awhile back here -

Check it out.

Chic Noir said...

Ok, I have to tell you my hair and scalp are extremely oily and my SLs have some shine/sheen to them as they are not completely locked

Maybe this is the reason your hairs grows so long naturally. I don't know to many blk girls who had waist length hair growing up but the excess oil keep your hair moisturized. If you don't mind my asking, how often did you wash your hair, before you locked up.

shea said...

thank you ms. sophia! i appreciate your help.

CarmenNC said...

I like Oyin's Juices & Berries the fruity scented version of Greg's Juice. If anyone has any slippage problems, it might be a little too moisturizing since it's a product that creates slip. It's a wonderful product for loose natural hair and mature/stable locks.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Chic Noir- I don't know how I missed your question. I washed my hair often as I was a lifeguard and water aerobics instructor when I was a teen. So always everyday and several times a week when not swimming to once a week when I insisted on wearing my hair straight.