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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 2008- Another Retightening

I just got my hair retightened this weekend. Yay! It's funny that my hair seems like it may have passed the shrinking phase. It is also finally mostly locked. Double Yay! It was the first time in 9 weeks. I desperately needed one. Julia, my consultant, was lightening fast as always (only 4 hours) and had another product recommendation for my build-up/lint, Aveda Brilliant spray. I think it totally helped and doesn't add any extra oil.

I decided to post photos of before the retightening versus after so that those who aren't familiar with Sisterlocks can see the difference. If you are new to SLs, retightenings occur when you have new growth, it is a way of locking the hair at the root with the tool so that it will lock in the same pattern as the other hair. Because it is interlocked, you don't get the same damage that is possible with retwisting/palm rolling. However, any size locks can be interlocked not just Sisterlocks.

Ok, so this is the Before the Retightening Photo:
Look! My locks are finally locked. I may be entering the teenage phase and leaving the baby locks for good.

Here is the After the Retightening Pic:

I hate the grid looking newness after I get it retightened. I prefer the before look. It looks more natural and locked. The after looks like micro braids in a way I dislike. Good thing it's temporary.

Retightenings are apart of the maintenance of Sisterlocks, a necessary evil. Locks spoil you so that you are so not concerned with hair that when you have an appointment, it's like a hassle in my opinion. I don't look forward to it. Partially because my head has become more tender headed from not being manipulated , second the expense, and also because my weekend time is valuable. I am selfish with that time. I want all my weekend time to go to me and it is impossible to get to my consultant during the week in time for a retightening. Do any of you feel that way or is this just me complaining over fake problems?

Do you ladies tip your consultant? I do, usually about 10-15%. She is really accurate (never missing a lock) and lightening fast; I told you I value my time. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to retighten my whole head again. But it just wasn't worth it to give up my weekend as I am so slow. I was speaking with some women who never tip their stylist; or if they do, regardless of the service, it's the same amount. Will any of you admit to doing that? I mean I am not judging because a tip certainly is not always warranted, nor is it required. But it makes me wonder what other clients do. It also makes me think of how, if at all, the recession has affected retightening prices or tips.

I'd love to read your retightening stories, anyone care to share their experiences?


Meikmeika said...

I'm not a fan of the grid look either, but it's a reminder that we don't have to worry about a retightening for a while.

As far as leaving a tip...when I was working and had the money I would tip either 10% - 30%. Now that I'm jobless I can only pay the due amount. I'm sure the recession has taken a huge toll on everyone.

Nubian1 said...

I know exactly what you mean re the retightening look. Used to hate it when I had just newly braided my hair....I always looked forward to the week after when it settled down and didnt look that obviously new! Those whose hair grows slowly have that added advantage of expense and the 'Grid' look.

Au Naturale said...

i'm glad you asked that question because i had been wondering if i should tip her or not. i didn't when she did my installation because i figured i had given her enough of my money. my first retightening is next tuesday and i am not sure if i should tip...i probably will because i don't feel right just not paying anything at all (since this is the last part of my package). i still don't know whether i should or not though {{shrugs}}

onyxcherry said...

I never tip my consultants. I don't have anything against it but I never do. I tip people when I feel that they went above and beyond the call of duty and that rarely ever happens.

On the subject of seeing the grid after retightenings, I love to see my parts but my roots are so thick that my parts are only visible for less than a week after my retightenings.

I'm glad your locks are locking. Looks like changing that shampoo paid off big time.

Lalaboobaby said...

I love for my hair in the front to show the parting after retightening, but it doesn't last long. I have so much hair that the look is soon gone.

On the tipping issue, well I don't tip. I think I would if my consultant worked in a salon where she had to pay a booth fee. Since that's not the case I don't tip. I do let her know I appreciate her good work though.

Allecia said...

I've been debating the tipping thing myself. Every once in a while I'll throw in a little extra but I also consider that my consultant charges $35/ hr and works out of her home. The rule for wedding vendors is you don't tip vendors who own their own business. Does the same go for hair stylists who work out of their own home?

Cashana said...

I just got retightened yesterday and it took less then 2 hours, because I had done the front and all she had to do was the back. I like the look after my hair is retightened for the most part. As far as tipping, I didn't tip when the locks were installed, but have tipped 10%-20% for every retightening. My consultant always tries to give it back. Go figure. I do it because she is fast, she is thoughtful of my time, she goes out of her way to make sure her environment is pleasing. She has her own place for doing Sisterlocks and shoot this last time she had added one of those massaging contraptions to the chair. So for me it is just a thank you gesture.

Anonymous said...

but for some reason, after i pressed "post comment" the site wouldn't change to a posting screen

so great post
i do and do not tip my consultant. i'll explain:
she charges 25/hour
if it is after an hour (even if just by 10 minutes)- she (for the most part) charges me for the entire next hour. so in my head (because she could have charged me by the half hour easily), that's her tip. when she plays nice with charges (and i don't feel like i was over-charged), i give her an extra $5.00