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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My, Oh My! Where is a Hair Tie?

So if you are like me, you procrastinated to buy Brunsli's Hair Ties all the while thinking the neat, fab hair ornaments that are perfect for locks would always be there. Alas, they are not. And until Brunsli is willing to part with 1 of her 43 hair ties or until the store reopens, you like me are wondering what to do.

Well, wonder no more!

Here are some viable options I found:

Please check out my Facebook friend's page on Etsy:
- Her hair ties are lovely and unique.

There is also Lona's creations. She sells creative lock accessories: Loc Ties by Lona

You could also try LOC TIES - I like the cuffs the best.

Then, there is Carmen in NC, last but not least by far. She has wonderful jewelry and pieces that work with all natural hair not just locks. Visit to purchase. Buy one for me too! K?

If you have some that you would like to sell or know where to find more, please comment.


Ezme said...

Thanks for the info, Every once in a while i would pop to ebay looking for her hairties and find myself disappointed when once again there ain't nothing there. Unfortunately i haven't found anyone in the UK who knows what they are, let alone makes them. So i REALLY appreciate the info

Stay Blessed

Ps Thanks for the comment on my page

CarmenNC said...

Aww, I'm blushing. Thank you so much for the support.

John said...

ComptonHair is a group of Hairdressers in London specializing in hair color correction, hair cutting, Yuko hair straightening, and styling. We have salons in London at 44-46 Shelton Street Covent Garden London UK.

Nubian1 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's been a long while coming, but I finally got there in the end. woopppeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!

Amber Jaye said...

Thanks for the ad!!! I truly appreciate it! I am posting new hair ties everyday! I guess I should put some on Ebay too since people are searching for them there!

Tamra said...

Hi Sophia,

Carmen just told me you were looking for some. I've made some and now have them up on my HairThingys site. I'll be posting more at some point.

Hope you like them.

Tamra said...

I guess I should not be lazy and go ahead and provide the hyperlink, huh?

My shop is

BTW, I was telling Carmen that there's a whole lot of cool hair stuff on Etsy--a couple of my faves (and I'm going to have grab a few of Carmen's TT's) are

Etta Mae
(gorgeous wooden hair forks--be sure to get the 3-pronged one called The Dread if you indulge--it's big enough to accommodate the thickness of Sisterlocks);

and QueCraft
(stunning hair forks and sticks).

I'm going to do a post on my blog soon outlining some cool resources for hair toys--there are a few more on Etsy that I can't recall off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...


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