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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Latest Love: The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Having been locked twice, I never usually care about build-up and lint. I usually only care about walking out the door after rolling out of bed well-rested because I am not spending time doing my hair for 30 minutes every morning. ;p

In general, I try to avoid materials that shed and sleeping on cotton pillow cases or using white towels. Why is it that face cloths/washcloths only come in multiples (a value pack) of white and never brown or black?

Oh, so back to the topic at hand, most of the time I don't care because 1. I know I wash my hair several times weekly 2. To me, locks are about letting go of daily maintenance and control 3. I am a free spirit and what's the point it will just get in the hair again?
This weekend I did something out of the ordinary for me. I cared or at least pretended to care about the lint and build up which was very minimal stemming from mostly follicles that have shed and lint since I don't use products (they can cause build-up). Here's the before pic:

Did I use tweezers? No, I could have but because my locks are so delicate and tiny I did not want to rip the interlocking out with the lint and weaken the lock. Did I use dye to cover the lint and build-up? I would have but I am feeling lazy and liking the natural red streaks.

What did I do? I poured undiluted apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. I sprayed it gently over all my hair until it was damp not dripping. I let it dry and washed it out that evening.

I am happy with the result. It looks more shiny and I can't see any follicles or build up from make-up around my hairline. U likey?

What do you use to keep extra stuff from showing in your locks? Does anyone use lemon? I heard that the natural acid in lemon lifts build up and lightens the hair shaft slightly. Because of this, the next shampoo I want to try is Avalon Lemon Clarifying shampoo. Has anyone used it?


Naturally Free said...

I love ACV rinses! They are great for clarifying your hair, locks or not. What did you ever decide about your "project"? Did you redo the back of your hair?

CarmenNC said...

I have never tried an ACV rinse. I do use JPaul Mitchell and Suave clarifying shampoos. Other than shampoo I use only one product JPM Awapuhi mist which is virtually water. Lint hasn't been a huge problem except for the bottom row.

The Real Nique said...

I like the ACV rinse. I am going to use it on a lady this weekend to get some of the gunk out from years of build up.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Naturally Free- Long time, no see. How are you? I abandoned my project as me being neurotic about nothing. They will naturally condense and since they have locked since that time. Why undo it?

Carmen- I did a lock on my bottom row over and it was all lint, LOL! I guess it comes from clothing?

Hi Real Nique! Aren't you beautiful!
~Make sure you leave it in for awhile. ACV works better that way I think.

Craigjc said...

I love this blog (the denim design is off the chainy!). Keep up the good work.

Meikmeika said...

ACV rinses are da bomb!!!

Library one said...

I will try the ACV rinse. I have had locks for 4 years, and I am very pleased with them--except for this one time. I go to the salon to have my locks groomed every two to three weeks. I went last Wednesday. On Monday when I went to work--I am a high school teacher by the way--my students said, "What's that smell?" "It smells like a wet dog." "It smells old." I am familiar with the old smell. After class, a student who I did not know came in and again said, "What is that smell?" Maybe I am being paranoid, but I suspect that the smell that they are talking about is coming from my locks. I don't want to cut them at this point, but I may have to. I took today off to schedule an appointment with my hair dresser. She will be honest with me. I am going to suggest ACV as a rinse. I wonder if it could be build up on my scalp. I have enjoyed wearing locks and I anticipate cutting them one day, but I did not suspect that it would be for this reason. It saddens me.