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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Book I Read and Movies I Saw

Over the last month, I have been completely submerged in the cinema and/or in between the pages of Toni Morrison's Love.

Toni Morrison, my favorite author, is profound as always in this novel which explores the many faces of love. Not only the pretty faces, like when you send roses (cliche but nice) as a gesture but more along the lines of when you fight your loved one tooth and nail just to be close to them. It explores the separation, stillness, and manipulation of love.
When asked about her motivation for the book, the author replied in an interview, "I was interested in the way in which sexual love and other kinds of love lend themselves to betrayal. How do ordinary people end up ruining the thing they most want to protect? And obviously the heart of that is really the effort to love."

I know some don't appreciate the spiritual quality that exist in Toni Morrison's books or her thought provoking language; but if you can read the meaning behind those elements, I am sure you'd enjoy this novel.

I also saw the movies below in the past month. I must say that for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed every single one.

Tropic Thunder- a star filled comedy mocking Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. steals the film, by playing an actor who undergoes a transformation to become African-American. I thought it would be offensive. But it is hilarious (on the surface at least)!

Eagle Eye- this is a film about the ultimate Big Brother Watching You. It is definitely a thriller and has an unpredictable plot. I felt it was worth the money spent. Plus, I just love who has a major role Rosario Dawson in the film.

Pineapple Express- this is a silly, stoner movie. You will really like or dislike this movie. If you like moves like Half Baked or Cheech and Chong, you will enjoy this. It was very funny to me.

Miracle at St. Annas- GO SEE IT! Please go see this movie like right now. Like power down, leave work, or whatever you must do. I just love Spike and the direction he chooses to go when making movies now. This movie will make you want to do research after seeing it. It was beautifully well done and socially conscious.

Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist- This movie is too cute. It makes me want to read the book that spun the movie. It was a simple cute story that kind of revolves around music loosely. It reminds me of a PG-13 Almost Famous (2000).

The Family that Preys Together - I liked the movie. Some said that it was to predictable and contrived. But I am a sucker for any Alfre Woodard movie (Crooklyn especially); I loved her performance. I also appreciated the story line, the plot, and actresses Robin Givens & Kathy Bates. I say go support Tyler Perry!

Ok, I am off to the movies now. You'll read the review about what I saw later.


DiVA_La Reine said...

Miracle at St. Anna, thanks for posting that I'm going to e-mail my professor right now and ask him if I can use it as one of my extra credit movies. LOL

I saw Eagle Eye two weeks ago and I liked it as well.

I'm still trying to catch up with the other movies, can you believe they've already removed Family That Preys from theatres in my area? Better get on the ball with the Spike Lee movie before they kick that one out too.

Meikmeika said...

Tony Morrison's 'Love' sounds very interesting. I'm going to see if my library carries it. If not, I'll purchase it once I get a job...hehe!

I have yet to see Tropic Thunder but would love to see it just b/c of all the controversy...

Eagle Eye is also on my list.

The only movie I've seen on your list is Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Let's just say it was a hug eye opener for me. It was good though...

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Toni Morrison's locks are so majestic, and I love yours too - they have so much body!

Jennifer said...

Check out this article on Toni Morrison's new book coming out next month -