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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Natural Beauty Inspiration- Emanuela de Paula

Emanuela De Paula is a 19 year old multi-racial (just like you), Brazilian born supermodel. If you have a current Victoria's Secret catalog, you will find her there. She is considered curvy in the modeling world though still thin enough to work the runway.
She is so stunningly beautiful. How can you see her brown skin and curly hair and not be inspired to appreciate your own?
I love her puffs here. They look like Sisterlocks. And note the cornrows ala Alicia Keys below:
Height: 5'9 ½
Place of origin: Cabo de Santo Agostinho/Pernambuco, Brazil
Ethnic origin: I don't know my background - my father is black, my mother is light with green eyes - I am what we call "mulata".
How was discovered: On the streets of Recife, capital of Pernambuco, 40 min from my hometown.
Favorite things: To sing, to dance, to take pictures.
Favorite things about modeling: exciting/dangerous locations and experiences, access to different cultures, money.
Favorite subjects at school: Math and Portuguese
What you like the best and the least in NY: It is all very different for me, I like everything - Central Park is very special.
Advice for aspiring models: Run after your dream, but don't run over anybody... Be patient, if it is meant to be, you'll have your turn.
It was hard to find photos of her without her hair straightened. Her is the most natural photo I found of her although my fave is the one above.


onyxcherry said...

She is beautiful. It's nice to see natural ethnic women represented in main stream fashion.

Allecia said...

She is amazing. I love the picture of her with the accordian.