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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 15 Weekend! My Birthday

I had such a good weekend. Everyone sent me cards. I got to live another year, take a trip with my family, and I received some nice presents from my sisters.

Me and the family went on a fantastic trip. We made a stop in Savannah, which is full of old charm and nice small shops. This one had my brother's name:

I would like to share the most beautiful thing I saw in Savannah. It was a statue of a Black Family with the inscription below by Maya Angelou:
We were stolen, sold, and bought together from the African continent. We got on the slave ships together. We lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each others excrement and urine together. Sometimes died together and our lifeless bodies thrown overboard together. Today we are standing up together with faith and even some joy.

Then we headed to Saint Mary's, GA where we stayed the nights while visiting Cumberland Island in the daytime. Cumberland Island is a relatively deserted, with privately owned lots. However, the majority of the beach and island has been donated to the U.S. Parks Service.

The Carnegie's owned all of the island at one point. Their remnants are still there.
The island is full of wild animal life. I saw an armadillo. My mom was so tired she thought an armadillo was Gila monster. Needless to say, it was 90 degrees. There was lots of walking and bugs. I also saw a manatee, a jelly fish, wild horses, and lots of live oak trees covered in moss alongside palm trees.

Last year, I spent my birthday at a funeral. This year, at the beach; what a difference a year makes?


Laquita said...

Wow - wonderful trip! Happy Belated Birthday :o) Your's is exactly one month after mine.

Meikmeika said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

DiVA_La Reine said...

Happy belated birthday the pictures are beautiful! Seems you had a great time!

Quietspirit said...

Happy belated birthday. Thank you for sharing. May the Lord bless you with many more.

sunsail said...

Happy belated birthday!!! :)

Allecia said...

We do have close birthdays! Hope it was a good one for you but judging from your pictures, it looks like you had a great time with your family. I've never seen an armadillo before.