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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 15 Weekend! My Birthday

I had such a good weekend. Everyone sent me cards. I got to live another year, take a trip with my family, and I received some nice presents from my sisters.

Me and the family went on a fantastic trip. We made a stop in Savannah, which is full of old charm and nice small shops. This one had my brother's name:

I would like to share the most beautiful thing I saw in Savannah. It was a statue of a Black Family with the inscription below by Maya Angelou:
We were stolen, sold, and bought together from the African continent. We got on the slave ships together. We lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each others excrement and urine together. Sometimes died together and our lifeless bodies thrown overboard together. Today we are standing up together with faith and even some joy.

Then we headed to Saint Mary's, GA where we stayed the nights while visiting Cumberland Island in the daytime. Cumberland Island is a relatively deserted, with privately owned lots. However, the majority of the beach and island has been donated to the U.S. Parks Service.

The Carnegie's owned all of the island at one point. Their remnants are still there.
The island is full of wild animal life. I saw an armadillo. My mom was so tired she thought an armadillo was Gila monster. Needless to say, it was 90 degrees. There was lots of walking and bugs. I also saw a manatee, a jelly fish, wild horses, and lots of live oak trees covered in moss alongside palm trees.

Last year, I spent my birthday at a funeral. This year, at the beach; what a difference a year makes?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tagged! Things from my First Week, September 08

I was tagged by my favorite vegan blogger . Here are the rules. I don't tag other people directly; but if you haven't been tagged or would like to participate, consider yourself tagged by me.

Here are the rules:
1) Link to the person that tagged you: Meikmeika
2) Post the rules on the blog
3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

1. I just watched Jasmine Guy's directorial debut of
I read the book after college but never quite comprehended all of it until I say it performed. I have always loved the part that says, "Find God. Find god in yourself and love her fiercely."

However, I must say my favorite part of the play is this chapter:
Somebody Almost Walked Off Wid Alla My Stuff - Ntozake Shange
It's about a woman(the lady in green in the play) that lets a man have her literally and the "stuff" she is made out of...she is left a "simple bitch" as she put it. And he doesn't even know he has "her stuff". It is something I see often with my sisters. And then, the icing on the cake is when the performer acknowledges that she watched her stuff walk away.

Please read this book and/or see this play when you are able.

Here is the cast of the Atlanta ensemble:

2. I got a new mattress for free!

Wanna know how I got it? I went to Atlanta Craigslist (site that post free ads for those who don't know) and found an extra firm orthopedic mattress for free. The guy just wanted me to pick it up myself. So for half a tank of gas, I got a free mattress with no stains, still in the plastic.

I have been needing a bed for sometime. It seems that my mattresses had some notorious sag in the middle. However, I discovered that this was not really the case. Really the bed frame was warped and busted. So, I am thrift shop searching for a gently used bed frame. If you are in Atlanta and have one to sell or donate, please e-mail me.

3. I recently got laser hair removal.

LOL...for my face! As many of you know from prior posts, I made peace with my 'stache ( Naturally Sophia's 'Stache ) and PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). But then, I got a painful ingrown hair/cyst under my chin. Ewwh! It got me to think more seriously about the future of my 'stache which was quickly becoming a beard. So, I decided to find a doctor that specifically treats PCOS and to find a laser hair removal practice that specializes in Black skin. Fortunately, I found both.

The practice I went to uses a YAG laser which is good for dark skin. And now, one week after the treatment, my hair mostly has fallen out on my face. The discoloration still shows but the hair is over 50% gone. YAY! I made an appointment to see a dermatologist to fade the dark marks though I have been using a fade cream for the scars from the hairs NOT the laser hair removal.

What did it feel like? It felt like someone burning your hairs out while tweezing them. And I had the 2 days of burnt hair smell in my nose that I used to have when I flat ironed my hair. I guess all is well that ends well.

4. My new MAC goody! I am in love with Mineralize SkinFinish Duo. My shade is dark (caramel) with a gold shimmer. They come in 5 shades tat get very close to your complexion. You can layer it with Studio Fix and/or Studio Tech.

If you are looking for a bronzer and foundation in one, here's your item. One side of it gives you the oh so popular mineral make-up finish and the other is a shimmery pigment to bronze and highlight wherever you'd like. I am in love with it!
And don't forget to apply it with the right brush.

5. Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weeekend- Labor Day Weekend This is Frenchie Davis from American Idol and Eva the Diva from ANTM.

This event just past in Atlanta, and I saw a Sisterlocks sister I had seen before at the Natural Hair Show. There was a slight exception to our crossing this time. She was arm in arm with her female lover. She looked at me as if asking me not to notice her or say anything at all. So, I didn't. But what is the big deal? Many Black women are lesbians. Of course, there are sisterlocked women who are lesbians! Why didn't she want me to acknowledge her? I mean I know why. I just wish she knew that I respect her right to privacy.

6. HIV- I found out that another person in my circle is HIV +. That sucks! I still have bad memories of one of my best friend's sister who died from AIDS related illnesses at 19. I encourage everyone to know that you regardless of your race, sexual orientation, and marital status are at risk for HIV. Have protected sex and get tested regularly. There is no look to HIV or AIDS.