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Sunday, August 3, 2008

SL Sister's SL Dilemma

I received an e-mail from SL Sister about her newly installed Sisterlocks. It turns out that her locks were installed with the center part looking something like this:The consultant charged her $50 more dollars than the price that was quoted on the website in addition to this. SL Sister didn't realize that her hair was uneven until after she left. She contacted the Sisterlocks Consultant who was unapologetic and stated nothing was wrong with the parts in the first place. The whole right side of her head appeared curved, and, in my honest opinion, it was simply lazy work. She went back the next day (an almost 100 mile drive) to have it corrected.

The consultant did attempt to correct it though she left it jagged the first time. Then when she corrected the center part finally, she combined free hair from taking down locks and combined them with existing locks instead of redoing the whole section properly. As a result, she has loose hair outside of her pattern.

This ordeal struck a nerve with me as you all may remember I have had problems finding good consultants in the past. I advised her to gently explain to the consultant that she would like it fixed since she already paid her for the initial install. If the consultant continued with the same behavior, I would personally contact the home office. Of course, beyond this, she should NEVER go back to her. She advised that she planned to retighten her hair herself. But I know from experience, it is better to have a consultant and not need one than need one and not have her.

What would you advise her to do?


S0uthernGirl said...

I agree with your suggestion of trying to have her redo the right side of her head, in an attempt to correct it. I would still file a complaint with the Home Office after it was corrected because the consultant's reaction was so nonchalant that I'm inclined to think that she probably does substandard work on the regular.

Now I'm the first to say that I love SLs and that I probably wouldn't be locked today if I hadn't heard of them but... stories like this make me shake my head at the people who are so quick to call someone's locks step-sisterlocks because they don't use a certain tool or choose or whatever. I'm some what inclined to think that there are a lot of people walking around with "step-SLs" that are started and maintained by certified consultants. At any rate, I hope SL Sister is able to have her hair fixed without having to spend more money.

onyxcherry said...

My consultant from NY told me about a woman who had her locks incorrectly installed, she talked to the Sisterlock home office who then talked to the consultant and instructed her to refund the woman the amount of money that it would cost to have her sisterlocks corrected. The condition was that the consultant would lose her certification if she did not comply. The consultant complied, paid the woman who then had her Sisterlocks corrected by a new consultant.

It is such a shame that these things occur in the Sisterlock community.