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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WTF? Ex-HBCU Professor Had His Son's Black Wife Murdered

This murder in Atlanta really affected me when I heard the news in 2000. I was in an interracial relationship at the time, and while at my parents house, I heard "Indian Man's Black Wife Found Dead". Well a few years later the media reported the police found some evidence that the Indian (from Indian) man's father hired 2 African American men to kill his daughter-in-law because of her race (Black).

So, regardless of how anyone feels about interracial dating, the resolution can never be murder. I am utterly disturbed that someone felt that murdering their granddaughter's mom was a solution to their son's interracial marriage. The family migrated to America to no doubt take advantage of the American Dream. Isn't a key component of being American freedom? Freedom to choose how you want to live.
Neither set of parents were happy with their children not completing their educations first reports the local media.

Rajeeve "Ricky" Rai testified yesterday. He was married to Sparkle Rai, who was brutally stabbed to death while holding their infant daughter who was "unharmed" physically. He hid the child and marriage from his Indian parents. He was asked why he hasn't seen his daughter, Analla, on whom he once doted, since shortly after the murder. He gave custody of her to Lowry (ATL reporter and step-mom) and her husband, the child's grandfather. His parents have never seen the girl.

"Why haven't you seen your child in almost eight years?" Ross (prosecuter) asked.

"It just seemed things got more and more distant," Rai stated. Since the murder he has maried an Indian woman and received his Bachelor's degree from NorthWestern.


B DOT S said...

uhuru, this is Joseph from McNair, I know it's been a minute just wanted to say hello and to see whats going on with u..i see u got locks, thats whats up, i been locking for about 5 years now. do u got a myspace ? if so hit me up @ whenever u get some spare time..whatever happened to Juanita ? lol holla at me. peace

Meikmeika said...

OMG!!!! I can't believe what I'm sad...

Why is the son not seeing his daughter???? I don't understand our society these days. Have morals and ethics been flushed down the toilet???!!

BronzeBuckaroo said...

MAYBE this is me alone, but didn't he just give in to the prejudices of his family by letting his daughter slip away. Out of sight out of mind?

I don't understand this particular prejudice. Most "Indians" can be as light or darker than most Afro Americans.

Anyway, you sisters date whomever you want. You deserve to be treated like the strong women, beautiful women,AND be put on that pedestal the same as the "other" women. If straight brothers aren't going to do it, let another man who will see how FANTASTIC you are in mind, body, and soul.

thank you for your comments on my blog. You have no idea how much your words soothed my mind and soul.

With love,

Lockedwithpatience said...

I'm not sure what to think of this case because the husband has no testified that he lying about his father being a racist. So I don't know why the guy murdered her (if he did).

And yea, what a dead beat for not seeing his daughter in years and cutting her off. Gosh!

Happy, Nappy, & Free To Be Me said...

I'm with you girl..WTF??? How sad and yet amazing the power of hatred and those that can be overcome by it. For someone who loved a black woman enough to marry her, why would he not stand up to his father now and fight for his child??? And what's up with hiring to 2 black men to do the deed?? Is that all we're good for?? Why do we as a people succumb to the stereotypes and as a culture live up to just as people expect us to be? Such a shame!!

Amba said...

What a shocking and scary story. There are some really crazy pple in this world. Hope you are well Sophia. God bless.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Joseph! I went to school and work in corporate now. I started my first set of locks in 2003 too. I am on facebook not myspace. Juanita had another kid and disappeared. The last time I talked to her family in 2004, they said they hadn't seen her. I haven't heard from her since around 2004. After speaking with her family, she called me but never called back. Glad that you stopped by to say wassup!