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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sophia's Naturally Squeaky Clean

I wanted to take a moment to highlight a black owned health and beauty product manufacturer. Nubian Heritage sells delightful products that are relatively inexpensive. They are cruelty free and also not made with any animal fats. WOW! There price range in the Atlanta area is $3-$4 per bar which has natural exfoliants already included. I like this because you can cleanse and exfoiliate in one step.


Tamika said...
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Meikmeika said...

I can't wait til I'm in Atlanta! There are so many more natural product options and I can actually support more black owned companies.

LĂ­gia said...

Hi, I love the Nubian Heritage bar soaps! They smell so good! I always buy them at, you can use my coupon code NAK992 to get $ 5 off your first order + 2 different free samples. I highly recommend that website.