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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Relaxers ARE Evil

I was visiting this post ( ) on someone else's site regarding my post Tagged! 6 Things I Don't Like about Sisterlocks . I also visited someone else's site who may have perceived my life long commitment to natural hair and specifically speaking about that as snobbery. It's amazing how having a different journey and/or opinion than another Black woman leads to name calling (snob). What's next b*&^# or h*3? I think we are all flowers. Our natural beauty represents a garden for me which is why I chose the flower template on this blog. I may disagree with my sisters, but I will not ever call you outside of your name.

In case you don't already know, relaxers are evil. They contain carcinogens that have been linked not only to cancer but also Parkinson's disease. In my honest opinion, it does nothing for the self-image or self-esteem for curly/kinky textured women to have relaxers.

Secondly, it's blog and my hair, so get over it! Maybe you don't think having life-long natural hair is worth celebrating. But I do! It is a struggle to have an Afro when almost everyone says it's unprofessional, when men ask you what are you going to do about your hair, and when women manage to try to humiliate you for keeping your hair in a state closer to what God intended than they do. I made it past all the negativity and pressure from society in general. I will continue to surpass any negativity.

Recently, at a Sisterlocks gathering, the young woman across from me told me she wanted to get a perm to get Sisterlocks. She figured if she did that she could keep her length. I asked her why not just grow your Afro out longer. She stated that permed hair grows length faster. This is essentially why I am against locking perm (my opinion). If she knew that permed locks were not an option, she may not be thinking like this. I know that everyone's situation is different and some people don't want to go through the short hair process or are attached to their perm. I understand that; I encourage every woman's journey to becoming natural. However, I still think permed locks are counter-intuitive. This is my opinion on my blog. If you have a different opinion, wonderful. Everyone should be able to do what they want and have their own thoughts.

But I think it's sad that I've gotten some e-mails and some comments that were miraculously deleted about being self-righteous and taunted me about the fact that I am not under some tree getting juices for my hair. LOL! Just because your journey to Sisterlocks included a perm and mine didn't, is that a reason to act that way? Any reasonable adult would agree to disagree and keep it moving. An outstanding adult would try to bridge any misunderstandings and grow as sisters. I offer this post as a bridge. And I do have fruit trees, by the way; sometimes the juice from the fruit tree is used in my hair.


Onyxcherry said...

Opinions are like @$$holes, everybody's got one.

If she's offended by your opinion enough to:
1)leave a lengthy, passionate comment on your blog
2)delete the comment
3)leave another comment anonymously, and
4)create an entire post on her blog about your original post and those who commented on it...

then your opinion must be really important to her.

I am apalled by the fact that someone actually thought that she should relax her hair to get sisterlocks because relaxed hair grows faster?!?WTFXUPWTDAT?

She's clearly unaware of the fact that relaxed hair never locks. She's obviously misguided and uneducated in the science of locking hair. I hope you gave her a hair lesson on the spot!

S0uthernGirl said...

Wow, I'm so confused about someone wanting to perm their hair before getting SLs. Not wanting to BC is one thing, but perming is completely counterproductive. I hope she goes to a by the book consultant/trainee who leads her down the right path, otherwise she'll be frustrated when she gets down the line and has to cut even more length off... especially since that seems to be a concern of hers.

Allecia said...

Although I have no personal opinion on being able to start locks with a perm, I thought that your view was expressed very gently. I didn't interpret it as malicious. And I was shocked by the next post I saw on her blog. It's really too bad that these things flare up.

Naturally Sophia said...

@ Allecia- I wasn't shocked from reading the comments that she left and later deleted on this blog. I think it's more than too bad. I find it really unneccesary and also ridiculous!

muslimahlocs said...

"relaxers are evil"
now i know better than to drop by your blog when hmc is asleep. i had to cover my mouth to quiet my laughter.
it is possible for sisters to disagree without being disagreable or taking disagreement as a personal attack. my comments on "that other post" and your responses are an example of just that.
naturally, sophia this too shall pass.
stay positive!